Andre Drummond power blocks innocent Danish youth

The long-standing tradition carries forth.

With 28 NBA teams already in summer vacation mode (with some having already been there since mid-February), it’s time to re-visit an old standard: Disproportionately tall professional basketball player showing no mercy in an on-court battle against a tiny youth selected at random.

Today’s contribution – Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond protecting the paint during his recent trip to Denmark:

For what it’s worth, Drummond proved to be an equal opportunist, taking a moment to dunk on a more standard sized human at another portion of the contest:

With the performance, Drummond now joins a long and illustrious list of basketball superstars and celebrities who’ve each done their part to put kids in their place, including but not limited to:

LeBron James:

Kevin Durant:

Bill Murray:

And of course, the late Stuart Scott:

(H/T Reddit /r/NBA)