Andre Drummond roots for Giants, fights with Twitter about it


You ever wonder what happens when you mix dumb sports fans, technology, and 22 year old professional athletes who have the day off? A whole lot of nonsense.

While the Detroit Lions were busy looking lifeless against the New York Giants on Sunday, Detroit Pistons star Andre Drummond, who was born in New York, tweeted out his support of his hometown Giants. Like clockwork, dumb sports fan chimed in about how Drummond should be supporting the Lions because he shares the city with them.

Drummond had an appropriate response to the idea his connection to the Pistons should supersede who he’s rooted for since forever.

Drummond must have been bored because he essentially tweeted the same thing twice, and there’s no way trolls on Twitter telling you to root for the Lions should be this big of a deal to you.

Then, a man identified as Sami sent out what I’m sure he considered a fire tweet and for whatever reason pointed out Drummond’s $127 million dollar contract extension he signed with the Pistons in the offseason.

Drummond’s response was perfect. He could have walked away from that with the championship belt of Twitter and been done with it. To be fair, he almost was.

Drummond then had a short conversation with Rod Beard of the Detroit News, in which he pointed out that he’s been to more Lions games than the fans who are mad at him for not rooting for the Lions. A fairly irrelevant point, and one that makes sense considering the $127 million dollars he’s worth.

In a shocking, weird, and eventually deleted unnecessary turn of events, after using the fact he attended more Lions games than his Twitter trolls to prove his fandom, he suggested fans were stupid for coming to see him and the Pistons play even though he’s a historically bad free throw shooter. On one hand, you’re a bad fan if you don’t go to enough games, on the other hand, you’re a sucker if you go to a game while wishing a player or team would improve their weaknesses.

My favorite tweet of the whole back-and-forth is one that probably triggered Drummond’s deleted free throw tweet.

The whole thing is weird and bad and illogical and filled with pettiness and contradictions. And I say this as a man who loves Twitter roastings, but this was just a cluster of stupidity all around. For those keeping track at home though, I would have to say the winner of the battle- barely and unremarkably- was Andre Drummond.

What do you think?

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