Angry Detroit Lions Fans take to Billboards to Voice Frustration

The Pass Interference that wasn’t has riled up many in the city of Detroit. Everyone in the Detroit Media, Jim Caldwell and even Matthew Stafford have fired off about the call and how egregious and infuriating it was. Even five full days since that event, Detroit Lions fans are still fired up about the call. It is clear that this will go down in Detroit sports lore as one of the biggest moments in Lions history. An anonymous group here in the Motor City is now also signing off on the call with a rather loud statement to the NFL and Detroiters alike.

Per a Detroit Free Press report and several firsthand accounts from DSN staff, billboards have been placed along major highways in the Detroit metro area broadcasting the distaste for the officiating in the Dallas-Detroit game. These photos below display what is being projected on the billboards and many of you have probably already seen at least one of them.


A billboard along northbound I-75 protests a controversial

Photos taken by Detroit Free Press photographer Kirthmon F. Dozier

The billboards project the “lie” that occurred against Brandon Pettigrew on the pass interference call that was overturned. The anonymous group purchased many spots for these billboards and Tom Carroll was quoted by the FreeP as estimating that advertising on any Detroit digital billboard would be approximately $1,000 per week.

In the FreeP article, Tom Carroll (who is the Central Regional Vice President of Outfront Media) is quoted as saying “Carroll didn’t say how many billboards are out there, but said there are ‘quite a few.’ They are along I-94 east, I-96, I-75, I-696, M-14 and Coolidge Highway, he said. Some billboards rotate every eight seconds, others every 30 seconds.” Several DSN staffers also cited seeing the billboards as far north as Flint and as far west as Ann Arbor.

The outrage over the call may never cease here in the D, but this type of passion over the call is a bit on the surprising side. When you’re out on the roads, drive safe of course but be on the lookout for these billboards riddled throughout the Motor City. Many have already voiced their anger over the PI that wasn’t, but this may be the first time anyone has done so this publicly and loudly. Bottom line with this article and the billboards, #DetroitvsEverybody!


Original link to the Detroit Free Press article here

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