Ann Arbor firefighters troll Michigan State fans following Wolverines win over Ohio State

It is common knowledge that when Michigan State wins a big game, their fans find it necessary to burn couches and flip over cars.

Well, the Michigan Wolverines won a pretty big game this past Saturday and their fans partied until the break of dawn.

But guess what they did not do?

Well, according to the Ann Arbor Fire Department, Wolverines fans did not burn couches and they did not flip over cars.

In fact, the AA Fire Department decided it would be fun to troll Michigan State fans following Michigan’s win over Ohio State.

“THANK YOU to the outstanding Michigan Football fans who celebrated responsibly after the game and over night,” Ann Arbor fire officials said on their Facebook page. “AAFD responded on ZERO arson or couch fires, and all vehicles remained on their tires. Awesome way to set the example for our younger siblings!”


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