Another Big 12 team is interested in leaving for the Big Ten

With reports everywhere that Texas and Oklahoma are potentially leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, other reports/rumors are surfacing that other Big 12 teams are being proactive about planning their next move.

According to Dylan Buckingham, Oklahoma State has spoken to the Big Ten and the conference has been receptive and is looking into how a partnership could work.

Previous reports/rumors said that Kansas was also interested in joining the Big Ten.

Nation, would you like to see Oklahoma State join the Big Ten?

What do you think?

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  1. As a Maryland grad and fan I feel they might as well add these teams. We already have to travel all over the midwest ( Iowa, Nebraska,Indiana etc) to play teams I do not give a damn about. So add a couple more. Should never have left the ACC where we had our neighbors and great rivals ( Duke, UNC, UVA etc.) . Money, money, money. The hell with the alumni.

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