Antonio Brown labels himself an American hero in bizarre rant [Video]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout Antonio Brown quit on his team during this past weekend’s game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. While the Bucs were driving down the field in the 3rd quarter, Brown was seen stripping off his jersey and equipment, tossing them to fans, and jogging to the locker room on his own despite teammates pleas for him not to.

Of course, Brown released a lengthy statement defending his actions and ripping head coach Bruce Arians through his agent yesterday. It was also revealed that the previous night before the game, Brown had snuck a controversial OF model into his room.

He appeared on “Tapped In Daily” on Clubhouse Friday, and stated that he believed himself to be an “American hero”.

“I don’t live in my fears. I don’t live in the what-ifs,” Brown said. “All I have is this present moment right here. How I’ve been handled, how I continue to be handled, how I continue to be slandered, how I continue to be made upon as a bad guy.

“I know America loves its bad guys. But I’m a great guy. I just won a Super Bowl. I’m an American hero. I persevered through numerous adversity. I took a COVID suspension [for a fake vaccine card] without evidence and came back, got 100 yards on half an ankle, a deltoid, a torn ligament, bone fractures in my ankle. No one’s talking about the great things that I’ve been able to persevere through and do.“

Brown stated that he had also planned on “mooning” the crowd at MetLife Stadium as he was exiting the field, something that he decided against.

He also had some less than kind words for Tom Brady and head coach Bruce Arians.

“You can’t really expect anyone to be your friend in the business of football,” Brown said. “In the business of football, our business is winning. Brady and I like winning. We have that in common. That’s what makes me want to be around him, makes us jell, makes us great. I’m out here getting prove-it contracts, you say you’re my friend, I shouldn’t be playing on that type of deal when I came here and we won a Super Bowl.”

“Imagine the guy who you think has your back, who you flew here with to do a mission, and they know your situation, and you get there and you’re battling with them, that he tells you that because you can’t go to war with them, he tells you to get the f–k out of there?” Brown said. “I’m an alpha male. If you discriminate on my public image and my name, at that point, it’s f–k you too professionally.”

– – Quotes via The New York Post Link – –

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