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Are the Detroit Lions about to sign DeAndre Hopkins?

Does the latest movement in the odds suggest the Detroit Lions are about to land WR DeAndre Hopkins, or is there nothing to be seen here? Just a few days ago, Hopkins was listed at +1100 to be signed by the Lions and now, according to Draft Kings, he is sitting at +380. According to the latest odds, the Lions currently have the second-best chance to sign the free-agent wide receiver.

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DeAndre Hopkins’ Background and Career Achievements:

DeAndre Hopkins, known as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, has had a stellar career since being drafted in the first round by the Houston Texans in 2013. Over his career, Hopkins has amassed over 10,000 receiving yards and more than 60 touchdowns. His time with the Arizona Cardinals further cemented his reputation as a top-tier receiver, known for his incredible hands, route-running, and ability to make big plays in crucial moments.

Performance and Skills:

Hopkins is renowned for his ability to make contested catches and his precise route-running. In the past three seasons, he has consistently ranked among the top receivers in the league in terms of receptions and receiving yards. His reliability and playmaking ability would make him a valuable addition to any team.

Potential Fit with the Lions:

Hopkins’ experience and skill set could greatly benefit the Lions. As a primary receiver, he could draw attention away from other targets like Amon-Ra St. Brown and Jameson Williams, creating more opportunities for the entire offense. Additionally, Hopkins’ presence would provide a significant boost in red-zone efficiency.

Comparison with Current Lions Receivers:

While Amon-Ra St. Brown has shown great potential, and Jameson Williams is an exciting young talent, Hopkins offers a proven track record of elite performance. His ability to perform at a high level against top defenders would elevate the Lions’ receiving corps to new heights.

Free Agent Market Comparison:

Compared to other available free-agent receivers, Hopkins stands out due to his consistent production and experience. While other options might offer potential, Hopkins brings a guarantee of performance that few others can match.

Lions’ Offseason Moves:

The Lions have made several strategic moves this offseason, including drafting new talent and making key signings. Adding Hopkins would be a statement of intent, showing their commitment to building a competitive team for the upcoming season.

Contract Considerations:

If the Lions were to sign Hopkins, a short-term contract of one to two years could be ideal, minimizing long-term financial risk while maximizing immediate impact. This approach would allow the Lions to assess his fit with the team without committing significant resources for the future.


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Odds of Hopkins signing with the Detroit Lions

As you can see below, the odds currently have the Lions at +380 to sign Hopkins. In fact, the only team with better odds is the Cleveland Browns, who are listed at +120.

For Which NFL Team Will DeAndre Hopkins Take His Next Regular Season Snap? (Via DraftKings)

  • Browns +125
  • Lions +380
  • Bills +550
  • Chiefs +750
  • Patriots +1200
  • Texans +1600
  • Ravens +1600

Bottom Line: Time will tell

Nobody really knows exactly which team Hopkins will eventually sign with, but it sure is interesting to see the odds go from +1100 to +380 for the Lions in just a few days. Personally, I may break my computer if the Lions give Hopkins a three or four-year contract, but if they can get him for one or two years on a reasonable contract, I guess I could live with it. Maybe.

Written by W.G. Brady

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