Arizona Coyotes’ Arena Proposal Rejected by Tempe Voters: What’s Next for the Franchise?

Tempe voters reject Arizona Coyotes' arena proposal. Uncertainty looms for the franchise. Explore the implications and potential relocation options.

In a disappointing turn of events, voters in Tempe, Arizona, have rejected a proposal for an entertainment district that included plans for a new home arena for the Arizona Coyotes. The decision has left the franchise and the NHL evaluating their options for the future. Here's what you need to know about the situation.

Why It Matters: Tempe Voters' Rejection of Arena Proposal Raises Uncertainty for the Arizona Coyotes

The rejection of the entertainment district proposal has significant implications for the Arizona Coyotes and their quest for a stable home arena. It raises questions about the team's future in Arizona and the potential for relocation. The outcome of the vote sends ripples through the league and highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the Coyotes.

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By the Numbers: Key Figures and Details Surrounding the Proposed $2.1 Billion Project

  • The proposed project had a price tag of $2.1 billion and aimed to create a 16,000-seat arena along with hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and residential units.
  • The Coyotes played their previous season at the 5,000-seat Mullett Arena, the home of the Arizona State University Sun Devils, after being evicted from their former arena in Glendale, Arizona.
  • This marks another hurdle for the Coyotes, who have faced a series of challenges related to arena issues, ownership instability, and on-ice performance.

The Big Picture: Assessing the Implications of the Rejected Proposal on the Coyotes' Future

The rejection of the arena proposal in Tempe adds to the Coyotes' long-standing struggle to establish a sustainable presence in Arizona. With relocation speculation intensifying, cities like Houston, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City could emerge as potential destinations for the franchise. However, the future of the Coyotes remains uncertain, and their ability to find a suitable home arena is pivotal for their long-term success.

“We are very disappointed Tempe voters did not approve Propositions 301, 302, and 303. As Tempe Mayor Corey Woods said, it was the best sports deal in Arizona history. The Coyotes wish to thank everyone who supported our efforts and voted yes. So many community leaders stepped up and became our advocates and for that we are truly grateful.

We also wish to thank the countless volunteers who worked so hard to try and make the Tempe Entertainment District a reality and the Tempe City Council for their support as well. While we wanted a different outcome, we remain grateful to all those who volunteered their time and talent. What is next for the franchise will be evaluated by our owners and the National Hockey League over the coming weeks.”

Coyotes Statement in Response to the Results of the Special Election (

Going Deeper: Exploring Potential Relocation Options and the Challenges Faced by the Coyotes

For a deeper understanding of the Coyotes' situation and the implications of the rejected arena proposal, consider exploring the following resources:

  1. Voters reject plan for new Arizona Coyotes arena in Tempe: Will the franchise relocate? – The Athletic (Pay Wall)
  2. Arizona Coyotes relocation cities after rejected arena deal: Houston? ( Dive into the potential relocation destinations for the Coyotes, including Houston, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City, and the factors influencing these possibilities.

The Bottom Line: The Decision's Impact on the Franchise and the NHL's Evaluation of Future Steps

The rejection of the entertainment district proposal by Tempe voters creates uncertainty for the Arizona Coyotes. The franchise and the NHL now face crucial decisions regarding the team's future. As discussions of potential relocation gain momentum, the search for a stable home arena becomes paramount for the Coyotes' sustained success.


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