Artemi Panarin, NHL’s second highest paid player, threatens to sit out next season over money

Millions of people across North America and the rest of the world are feeling the financial squeeze thanks to the spread of the novel coronavirus, either having been laid off from their jobs or unable to earn what they normally would.

And while professional athletes are no exception to this right now, regular people probably aren't going to want to hear people who are already fantastically wealthy complain about monetary issues.

New York Rangers forward Artemi Panarin, who is the NHL's second highest player with an annual salary of $11.463 million, isn't happy about the loss of salary amidst the NHL's shutdown thanks to the pandemic – and is prepared to sit out next season should he be met with furthe reduced salary.

“100%, they think,” Panarin when asked about if the League would be cutting salaries “With the players they are discussing the conditions with the league.”

He was then told the cuts could potentially reach upwards of 40-60%.

“Ahh. I think we will have less. If 40 to 60 percent, then why am I doing this at all? Then I will probably skip the next year.”

Panarin has earned $27,625,000 so far in his NHL career, which began in 2015. He was then suggested that the KHL, Russia's top hockey league, would be an option.

“Yes exactly,” he said with a laugh. “We still do not understand. They say in the region of 20-30%.”

“I can breathe in any case, I'm not complaining. But we also have a tax – somewhere around 45-50% I pay up to 20% of these, and 20-30% is still on top.”

Is this the kind of thing you want to hear from wealthy athletes while so many other regular people are struggling?

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