Athlon Sports: Spartans logo ranks No. 1 in college athletics

College athletics by and far brings out the passion in everyone more so than professional sports, the level of emotion displayed in the players in between the lines and the atmosphere in college venues is virtually unmatched. Teams are often represented by their logo, their brand and it resonates in fans all around the world.

The helmet head logo for the Michigan State Spartans is as iconic as it gets. It’s a simple design, not over the top, and still best represents the team’s nickname. And one outlet has dubbed it as the best college logo in the country.

Athlon Sports recently published a list of the Top 25 best logos in college football and one would find Ol’ Sparty at the top spot. The list was determined based on aesthetics, color combination and creativity.

Here is what Athlon said regarding the famed Spartan logo:

Michigan State’s in-state rival may have the best college football uniforms but it is Sparty who can lay claim to the game’s best logo. The second-place finisher in Reddit’s recent logo poll, this Spartan helmet silhouette ranks supreme here because it’s everything you want in a logo: Striking but understated, strong but subtle and just all-around awesome. And after years of endlessly toying with the shade of green, Michigan State finally hit the jackpot.

In case you’re artistic side is wondering, that ‘shade of green‘ for MSU is ink color No. 567 via the Pantone Matching System.

The Spartan logo was followed up by the wildly famous Texas Longhorns logo at No. 2, the simple silhouette of a bull’s horns complemented by that iconic burnt orange color is second to none… or in this case, second to MSU.

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Rounding out the top five were three ACC schools — Virginia with it’s “elegant” V logo and crossing cavalier swords, North Carolina with the interlocking N.C. logo and the “Carolina” blue, and Miami, or simply “The U” to many.

Scattered throughout the top 25 were three more Big Ten programs in addition to the Spartans. The Penn State Nittany Lions are slotted at No. 11, the Iowa Hawkeyes are two spots behind them at No. 13, and Sparty’s in-state rival Michigan Wolverines cap the list off at No. 25.

Best logo AND best mascot? Sounds like MSU is the place to be.

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