Austin Meadows announces he’s struggling with mental health

Tigers OF Austin Meadows has announced that he's finished for the 2022 season as he's dealing with mental health issues

Detroit Tigers outfielder Austin Meadows will not be playing again in the 2022 MLB season. Not only has he suffered an inordinate amount of injury woes, but he's also announced that he's struggling with his mental health.

“This season has been an unfortunate struggle with a series of injury and illness, from dealing with vertigo early on, then COVID, to bilateral tendinitis in my Achilles, and then having to go through the rehab process each time,” Meadows wrote in a message on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“What I have told very few people is that I also have been struggling with my mental health in a way that has extended my time away from the game that I love so much. I’ve been dealing with this privately with a great team of professionals, but I need to continue to put in the hard work off the field towards feeling mentally healthy.

“While I’ve been back in the clubhouse the past few weeks, and plan to remain with the club through the end of the season, I am still not ready to return to the field. I am so grateful for my family, my teammates, and the Tigers organization for supporting me through this. I can’t do this alone, and I hope in sharing my experience I can touch at least one person who might be going through their own struggles and encourage them to reach out to someone for help.”

Austin Meadows is done for the 2022 season

Meadows was acquired by the Tigers from the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for Isaac Paredes, who has done nothing but absolutely tear the cover off baseballs left and right since his arrival down south; meanwhile, Meadows has been limited to a mere 36 games with Detroit, during which he failed to hit a single home run. As it stands right now, Meadows has hit .250 with 16 walks and 17 strikeouts.

Among the ailments that Meadows has dealt with in 2022 include landing on the COVID-19 list, suffering through a bout of vertigo, and also suffering strains in not one but both of his Achilles' tendons.


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