The Lions, the refs, the haters, and our mental health

This past Monday, my 30th birthday and the day the Detroit Lions were stripped of a deserved win against the Green Bay Packers on a national stage, a critical behavioral health study was released by the University of Houston. The study, led by professor of clinical psychology, Matthew Gallagher, found that the emotion known as … Read more

The two offensive and two defensive players who are the X-factors to Detroit Lions success

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[tps_header] On paper, this is the most talented (and possibly most well put together) Detroit Lions team in an entire generation. While the worries about depth and scheme still linger deep into August, there’s little resistance from fans and league analysts alike that, top to bottom, this Lions edition has as many versatile weapons on … Read more

The Detroit Lions will be the team the NFL, and the rest of America, won’t see coming

Being a lifelong fan of the Detroit Lions is so hard – it sometimes fringes on the barriers of mental illness. The immense anxiety of all those late-game nailbiters the team has just loved to find themselves in over the years. The ones Matthew Stafford, and to an extent Matt Prater, are practically famous for. … Read more

EA Sports rated these five Detroit Lions players way too low in Madden 20

On August 2nd, 2019, EA Sports released their 37th installment of the Madden Football franchise with Madden NFL 20. Many hardcore sports fans make the transition to being hardcore sports gaming fans at some point in their lifetimes and the annual release of the only NFL licensed video game (miss NFL 2K anyone?) is usually … Read more

5 players who must rise in 2019 for the Detroit Lions to win the NFC North

[tps_header] It’s pretty much safe to say that the national consensus outside the great state of Michigan is that the Detroit Lions will be the bottom feeder of the NFC North in the upcoming 2019-20 NFL season. However, the constant underestimation of the Motor City franchise is not new – and every year there are … Read more

How every Detroit Lions fan truly feels about the Vikings success

The Minnesota Vikings stunned the sports world last weekend when they scored the first ever playoff regulation walk-off touchdown to beat the New Orleans Saints and are one game away from becoming the first team to ever host a Super Bowl. And as a Detroit Lions’ fan, it makes me absolutely sick to the bitter … Read more

The Pistons are quitting on Stan Van Gundy

We can all remember the days when Detroit sports fans were proudly proclaiming Detroit Pistons head coach/team president Stan Van Gundy as far and away the best coach the town had to offer on the professional sports level. In the words of the great Bob Dylan – “the times they are a changin’”. The Pistons … Read more

How to solve the Detroit Lions offensive line dilemma

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions

If there is one position group that has been historically plagued by underperformance and spoiled potential it’s definitely (with the defensive backs a close second) the Detroit Lions offensive line. This has been the case for as long as I’ve been alive – a little over a quarter of a century – and the team’s … Read more

5 deadline trades that could push the Pistons over the hump

The Detroit Pistons went into the all-star break on a solid note with their 98-91 victory over Dallas this past Wednesday and temporarily solidified the eighth and final playoff spot in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Yet – there’s a shadow of uncertainty about the future that plagues this team and whispers of trade deadline shakeups are … Read more

The Pistons don’t need to tank – they just need to wake the hell up

Tanking is one of the smartest, saddest, hopeless things in sports. Teams decide their futures are so bleak, that the front office tries to create the poorest roster possible in order to secure a prized draft pick down the line. They damn near lose on purpose. And it’s become more popular – evidenced by the … Read more

Grading Bob Quinn’s first NFL draft class for the Detroit Lions

With the fog of the Detroit Lions 2016 season starting to clear up, it’s now time to look back at it all. We assign a grade to every NFL draft selection in Bob Quinn’s first year as general manager. His total final grade will be revealed at the end. [GRADING SCALE: A+ thru F]

NFL referees continue to be the 12th man on the field against the Lions

Let me make myself abundantly clear on this subject. Officiating was NOT the reason the Detroit Lions lost their 9th playoff game in a row on Saturday in Seattle. The Lions were plagued by drops, missed assignments and the inability to stop the Seahawks’ running game. However, it was quite apparent early on that the officiating … Read more

3 reasons the Detroit Lions will beat the Seattle Seahawks

On first impression, it’s easy to wave the Detroit Lions off as just “happy to be here” for the NFL playoffs. In many people’s opinions, the Lions “backed into” the postseason and didn’t show they could hang with the contenders in their last three games of the regular season. However, if we have learned anything … Read more

“I Also Have A Dream”

I can remember his voice – swimming in love and belting with urgency. When I first heard Martin Luther King Jr.’s history shaping “I Have A Dream” speech, I was six years old. It is a pivotal and peculiar moment in my life because it’s when I first decided I wanted to be a communicator. I … Read more