Top 5 Red Wings Enforcers Since 1980

These days, the Red Wings are usually regarded as a team that relies on skill and finesse and not physical prowess. But throughout their history, the Red Wings have boasted some of the most feared players to have ever dropped the gloves, including who most regard as the greatest fighter in hockey history. Here are … Read more

DSN’s Top 5 Stevie Y. Moments

Over 22 season with the Red Wings, Steve Yzerman endeared himself to hockey fans as both one of the greatest players and leaders the sport had ever seen. To attempt to condense his legendary career down to five moments isn’t possible; but from a fan’s perspective, here are my personal Top 5 moments from the … Read more

Top 5 Memories From the Red Wings’ 2008 Cup Run

The Red Wings capped a memorable 2007-08 season by capturing their 11th Stanley Cup title in franchise history. This most recent triumph saw the start of a new rivalry with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg’s emergence as team leaders, and the coming out party of “The Mule”. Let’s take a look back … Read more