Is Baker Mayfield A good Fit For the Carolina Panthers?


Baker to Carolina is at least an improvement for the Panthers

Baker Mayfield
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Fit for Baker

A.J. Reilly: Baker Mayfield is heading to the Carolina Panthers where he's gonna be with DJ Moore. He's gonna be with Christian McCaffrey. Do you think this is a good fit for Baker Mayfield? 

Eric Vincent: Honestly no, it's really not. And to me, this was the biggest problem I had with this whole separation for Baker Mayfield.

Like I understand why Cleveland kicked the tires on Deshaun Watson. Based on what happened and how things were playing out, I understand the rally that people went through to go get him. But for Baker Mayfield, no matter where he went. It was never gonna be a situation that was better than what he had in Cleveland.

Cleveland had a foundation set for him. They had a top-five offensive line and a top running game. You had Odell Beckham Jr. in his prime, granted his injuries. But you had good help around him and he couldn't make it work. 

People were giving him credit for going on his streak of play without Odell. To me, that's not a good thing. You can't mess with your most talented player.

A.J. Reilly: Hold on a second though. You say he didn't make it work. He took a team that was, 0 and 16. They infamously joined the Lions in the playoffs and a playoff win. If I'm not mistaken. 

Eric Vincent: That's cool. But quarterbacks do that all the time.

A.J. Reilly: Not Quarterbacks here in Detroit. They definitely don't do it here. 

Eric Vincent: They don't. But again, what you said is perfect. Because if that were to happen, it would be significant in Detroit. Baker Mayfield doing that in Cleveland is significant, not the NFL. Quarterbacks win playoff games and wash out all the time. So I'm not sitting up here doing jumping jacks for Baker Mayfield. 

But then again, to me, nobody looks good in this situation. Because if I were the Panthers I would have made that trade at the draft. You traded him for a bolognese sandwich. When you could have got him integrated with the team earlier in the off-season. 

You're waiting to do it now when teams are getting rolling? It doesn't really make sense. And then to me, the Browns don't really look good. Obviously with guaranteeing Deshaun Watson as much money as he got. 

Which messed up the whole scale of quarterback free agency. We're gonna see that play out badly very soon. But I just don't think this looks good for any of them. Look, again the deal had to get done. But it doesn't look like it's a high five for anybody involved. 

A.J. Reilly: I think it is a high five for Carolina though. Your point is good in the sense that they could have done it earlier. But I guarantee you, the price was higher earlier. I guarantee you that the price was higher until all this Deshaun Watson stuff shook out. And Baker Mayfield basically was like I'm done in Cleveland. 

Like you're either gonna pay me or I'm not going to play. I will not play for you again. He basically tied their hands. They had to get rid of him at some point. For Carolina, considering what they had last year, that's definitely an upgrade. Definitely something. Baker Mayfield is a definite upgrade over Sam Darnold

Eric Vincent: But look at who we're talking about though, it's Sam Darnold. I've seen them compared. And think about the teams that needed quarterback help. Teams like Miami that we were comparing to where Baker Mayfield could have gone. Atlanta, Denver before they got Russell Wilson.

Those quarterbacks that were there or are there now are terrible. And those are the names that are being mentioned for Baker Mayfield. That's not a good side. 

A.J. Reilly: No, but from a team aspect, it's better for the Carolina Panthers. So it did work out for them. That's all I'm saying. It's a situation where their team got better because they don't have Sam Darnold under center for them anymore. 

Regardless listen, I understand. It's okay, would you rather have Baker Mayfield or the broom in the corner of the locker room quarterbacking for you? That's basically what the comparison is, but it worked out and they gave up nothing for him.

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