Barry Sanders favorite encounter with a professional athlete is pretty awesome

When it comes to professional sports superstars throughout the years, there are not many bigger than Hall of Fame running back, Barry Sanders.

I remember the first time I met Barry back in 1996 when I got a job with the Detroit Lions as part of the equipment department. I was just a young pup, 19 to be exact, and Barry had been my favorite player since the day he entered the league.

Barry was extremely kind to me and my buddy Todd, who was hired at the same time as I was. He would take the time to chat with us and I will never forget the times he asked me to go out on the field early to play some catch! I was starstruck at first but after a while, he made me feel like one of the guys. Though he probably does not even remember who I am at this point, I will always have some great memories of THE GOAT!

That was my favorite encounter with a professional athlete, and I have been blessed to meet quite a few, and on Wednesday, Barry revealed his favorite encounter with a professional athlete.

Barry’s favorite encounter came in his second game as a member of the Lions. Following the Lions game against the New York Giants, Lawrence Taylor came up to him and told him that if the Lions got him a fullback, he would be tough to stop.

This is pretty cool!

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