Barry Sanders gives his thoughts on Ameer Abdullah

Will Ameer Abdullah be a playmaker for the Detroit Lions in 2015?

That my friends just happens to be one of the biggest questions going into the season and the greatest Lion of all time has made his thoughts known.

Barry Sanders, in a phone interview with, talked about Abdullah and what kind of player he is.

“He’s a big-play player,” Sanders said. “I can’t predict immediately what we have, but I think he does have that big-play mentality and experience. So he should be a nice fit for our offense.”

If there is one person that knows about having a “big-play mentality” it’s the Hall of Famer, Sanders.

Now, let’s not get too excited, nobody is predicting Abdullah to be the next Barry Sanders, but reports on the rookie out of Lions training camp have been very positive up to this point.

Time will tell if Abdullah makes the big plays Sanders is talking about, but one thing is for sure, the young man sure is making a good first impression with the Lions and their former players.

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