Barry Sanders pens article for The Players’ Tribune, reveals why he never spiked the football

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions

Whether or not you had the pleasure of watching Barry Sanders throughout his college (Oklahoma State) and NFL career (Detroit Lions), you have likely heard about how he never spiked the football or put on some theatrical celebration after scoring a touchdown.

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In a piece published in The Players’ Tribune on Friday, Sanders explained why he never spiked the ball and it was all because of something his father said to him when he played peewee football.

“I remember Tony Dorsett scored a touchdown on Monday Night Football and he did some kind of celebration. He probably just put his arms in the air or something. So in my next peewee football game, I went out and tried to imitate whatever Tony had done. After the game, I got into my dad’s car and he said, “Oh, you think that’s cute, huh? If I ever see you mimicking those guys on TV.…” And that was it. After that, I started just handing the ball to the ref.”

Nation, do you wish more players acted like Barry after they score a TD or do you like the celebrations?

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