Barry Sanders remembers playing on Christmas Eve ‘pretty well’ [Video]

Barry Sanders talked about his fond holiday football memories, Saturday's game against the Panthers, and his memories of playing on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, the Detroit Lions will take on the Carolina Panthers with the hopes of moving to 8-7 on the season and solidifying their chances at earning a berth in the 2022 NFL Playoffs. On Friday, the Lions released a video from the great Barry Sanders, and he talks about his fond holiday football memories. Sanders also talks about Saturday's game between the Lions and Panthers.

What did Barry Sanders say about playing on Christmas Eve?

Here is what Barry Sanders had to say about his fond holiday football memories.

“Football brings me and my family together during the holidays in many ways. Everyone has their favorite teams, players, and things like that. Good foot, good company, great conversations about your favorite sports moments — you know, your favorite Lion, those sort of things.”

As far as this week's game against the Panthers, Sanders said he is “looking forward to a great win.”

‘I'm looking forward to a great win by the Lions. And with this team being right in the middle of a playoff hunt, we gotta pretty much have every win going down the stretch. This team has shown they are up for it. All Lions fans are tuned in, focused in on this team, and ready to really cheer this team into the playoffs.”

During his rookie season, Sanders played on Christmas Eve, and he remembers that game very well.

“I remember that game pretty well. I was in Atlanta, it was extremely cold. But I had extra motivation. I remember my mom had flown in for that game. Because it was the very last game of the year, me and Christian Okoye were pretty much going for the rushing title. I finished, I don't know, five or ten yards short of where Christian did. I remember coach Fontes asking me, did I want to go back into the game and get the rushing record, and I said, “no, I won't worry about it.” The game was already out of reach and we were up by however much in the fourth quarter. I actually remember a lot about that game, yes. Happy Holidays, Lions fans!”

Nation, what is your favorite Barry Sanders moment?

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