Barry Sanders tweets out ‘Black and Blue’ Detroit Lions concept helmet [Photo]

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While scrolling back through Barry Sanders‘ Twitter account this afternoon (I was bored), I came across a tweet featuring a “Black and Blue” Detroit Lions concept helmet that I thought you all would enjoy.

Sanders tweeted out a photo of a ‘Black and Blue’ Detroit Lions concept helmet that he autographed for a fan and it was too cool not to share with you.

Though the sticker job could be much cleaner, the helmet itself is pretty damn sweet!

Nation, would you like to see the Lions where this helmet? Heck, they could even include the autograph on it!

As you can see below, Barry has received quite a few Detroit Lions concept helmets to sign!

4 thoughts on “Barry Sanders tweets out ‘Black and Blue’ Detroit Lions concept helmet [Photo]”

  1. Go back to the black jerseys with the blue numbers and go back to the 70’s version of the blue jerseys with the silver numbers, much classier than the crap they have now.

  2. I think that helmet would be awesome with a couple small tweaks. I love the Honolulu Blue stripe and black helmet. Maybe a Honolulu blue mask too. I also saw a design a while back with a large Lions decal. Maybe something like that or possibly just the upper body and head in the large decal on the Black helmet with the Honolulu blue stripe. I think the one I saw a while back was all black on the one side, and all Honolulu blue on the other with the large Honolulu blue Lions decal.


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