Barstool’s ‘Big Cat’ absolutely destroys Aaron Rodgers during interview [Video]

Not only is 'Big Cat' a huge Chicago Bears fan, but he is also a huge fan of bashing Aaron Rodgers whenever he has the opportunity.

If you are familiar with Barstool Sports and the ‘Pardon My Take' podcast with Dan “Big Cat” Katz and Eric Sollenberger, you are well aware that ‘Big Cat' is a huge Chicago Bears fan. But not only is ‘Big Cat' a huge Bears fan, but he is also a huge fan of bashing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers whenever he has the opportunity.

Well, you may be surprised to lead that Rodgers actually agreed to join ‘Big Cat' and Sollenberger on their podcast, and to say things got a bit uncomfortable would be an understatement.

Barstool's ‘Big Cat' absolutely destroys Aaron Rodgers during interview

First, let's take a listen as ‘Big Cat' and Sollenberger lay into Rodgers about not being vaccinated before finally going a bit too far and pissing the future Hall of Famer off.

Sollenberger: “How would you describe yourself?”

Rodgers: “I just… I think in general, I’d like to present myself how I see myself. So unapologetically authentic, you know? And you, I mean, you like me or don’t like me, that’s not my concern at this point. You know, my concern is just speaking the truth and you know, people say, ‘Oh, immunization, vaccination!'”

Big Cat: “Yeah, I did. I said that a lot.”

Sollenberger: “How many people do you think you killed? What’s your count?”

Big Cat: “How many grandmothers? Let’s just do grandmothers.”

Rodgers: “I mean, I know you guys are (bleeping) around but I don’t find that part funny, I really don’t.”

Big Cat (whispering): “Oh shit.”

Big Cat: “It actually is one of my favorite things I was able to do off of that whole immunization thing is tweet that you should be in jail. I would have people who’d get the joke and then there would be like a ton of people who’d be like, ‘Oh, you like, you think COVID is so real, he should be in jail.’ And it was just, my mentions would just be a mess!”

Rodgers: “And probably a lot of people said, ‘(Bleep), yeah, put him in jail, get that liar in jail.'”

But it did not end there.

Take a listen as Rodgers asks ‘Big Cat' the question, “Truly, is it hard for you as a Bears fan, that some of your greatest moments are cheering against me when the Bears aren't playing?”

As you are about to see, ‘Big Cat' destroyed Rodgers with his response, pointing out that every time Rodgers loses in the playoffs is like a Super Bowl win for him, noting that he has a lot more Super Bowls than Rodgers does!

Take a listen!