Ben Johnson Does Not Mince Words When Asked About Detroit Lions 3rd Quarter Woes

Ben Johnson knows the offense was not good enough coming out of halftime

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is candid about the team’s performance, particularly when it comes to the challenges faced during the third quarter of games. Despite a rocky start, Johnson’s reflective approach and strategic adjustments suggest that improvement is on the horizon for the Lions’ offense.

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Ben Johnson Acknowledges the Challenges

During a recent interaction with the media, Johnson did not shy away from addressing the difficulties his team faced after halftime. “Overall, third quarter was not good enough for us. I didn’t watch every single snap from that particular quarter. We did go back, we studied the opening drive of the second half, we did do that,” Johnson remarked. His honesty about not having all the numbers on hand didn’t deter him from acknowledging the shortfall.

Analyzing and Adapting

Despite the initial setbacks, Johnson pointed out a silver lining in the latter part of the season. After revisiting and analyzing game footage, particularly the opening drives of the second half, the team found a rhythm that had been missing. “There is a significant difference from the first 10 games of the season to the last 10 games of the season and how we were in the opening drive of the second half,” he explained. This shift was not accidental but the result of deliberate efforts by Johnson and his coaching staff to address and rectify the issues at hand.

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Positive Trends and Future Focus

The latter half of the season showed marked improvement, with the Lions scoring touchdowns on 50 percent of their drives in the opening sessions of the second half. “We were significantly better in the second half of the season, the last 10 games. I want to say, those 10 games, those possessions, we scored five touchdowns, which is – 50 percent of your drives are going for touchdowns? You’re doing something right,” Johnson proudly stated. This upturn is a testament to the team’s ability to adapt and improve, setting a positive trajectory for future performances.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Acknowledgment of Issues: Ben Johnson openly acknowledged the team’s struggles in the third quarter, particularly highlighting their lower performance with an average of only 4.2 points, which ranked them tied-for-20th in the league.
  2. Analytical Approach to Improvement: After identifying weaknesses, Johnson and his coaching staff analyzed the opening drives of the second half, leading to improved strategies and performance in the latter part of the season.
  3. Significant Improvement and Optimism: Johnson highlighted a significant improvement in the team’s performance in the latter half of the season, with a touchdown rate of 50% on opening drives. This positive change indicates a trend toward better performance and sets an optimistic tone for future games.
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The Impact Ahead

Ben Johnson’s reflections and the strategic changes implemented show a clear path forward for the Detroit Lions. By openly addressing the issues, analyzing performance data, and making necessary adjustments, Johnson demonstrates a proactive approach that bodes well for the team’s offensive strategy. As the Lions continue to build on their late-season successes, fans and analysts alike will be watching to see if these positive trends can transform into consistent performance across upcoming games.

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