Ben Johnson explains who is to blame for Detroit Lions offensive struggles vs. Chiefs

Ben Johnson explains who is to blame for the Detroit Lions offense only scoring 14 points in Week 1.

Ben Johnson explains who is to blame for Detroit Lions offensive struggles vs. Chiefs

The Detroit Lions, known for their explosive offense in the previous season, faced unexpected difficulties moving the ball during their season-opening victory against the Kansas City Chiefs. In a game where they managed to score only 14 points, it was evident that the offense was not firing on all cylinders. Lions' offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson, stepped up to shoulder the blame for the unit's sluggish performance, shedding light on key issues and areas for improvement.

Ben Johnson explains why he sits alone Detroit Lions Ben Johnson explains who is to blame

What did Ben Johnson say?

Ben Johnson spoke to the media on Friday, and he put the blame on himself.

“I put that on me more than anything,” Johnson said Thursday. “(The lack of tempo) and some of those procedure issues we had, I take a lot of pride in that and I think that’s a reflection of me probably biting off more than we could chew with some of the play calls got a little wordy, we were a little bit slow getting the substitutions in there. I have to do a better job getting the play to the quarterback.”

“It wasn’t necessarily our best stuff offensively,” Johnson said. “More than anything the procedure stuff is the stuff that we got to get cleaned up. We had some pre-snap issues whether it was snapping the ball early on the motion that resulted in the fumble there on our third drive. But that’s kind of, it’s first time with silent cadence, playing on the road, loud environment and we will learn and we’ll grow from that.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions struggled offensively in their season-opening victory against the Kansas City Chiefs, scoring only 14 points.
  2. Lions' offensive coordinator Ben Johnson took responsibility for the sluggish play, citing issues with tempo and pre-snap procedures.
  3. Despite the challenges, Johnson highlighted positive aspects, including successful long drives and effective four-minute offense.
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Bottom Line – Ben Johnson: Taking Charge

Ben Johnson's candid acknowledgment of his role in the Lions' offensive struggles demonstrates leadership and accountability. As the team works to address the issues highlighted, fans can look forward to an offense that evolves and improves as the season progresses. Their next chance comes this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

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