Bengals HC Zac Taylor raves about Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson

Cincinnati Bengals head coach, Zac Taylor, had some pretty high praise for Detroit Lions offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson, whom he previously worked with in Miami. Despite Johnson only recently being promoted to his current position, he has already achieved great success, leading the Lions to a top-five scoring offense in the league. Taylor acknowledged that he did not expect Johnson to achieve such great results so quickly, especially considering this is Johnson's first time as a coordinator. Credit was also given to quarterback Jared Goff, the Lions' coaching staff, including head coach Dan Campbell, and the players for their excellent work.  

“Yeah, he was perfect,” Taylor said at the scouting combine on Tuesday. “I probably expected more of a learning curve for a first-time coordinator and Ben really aced all those tests. Credit to him, Dan and (quarterback) Jared (Goff) and that whole staff. It was fun watching them. That is a team I watched because I know a lot of the guys on that staff. And Jared, obviously, I'm a big fan of him, and Josh Reynolds and all these other guys that we coached.”

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“Yeah, I thought the job that whole staff did was incredibly impressive,” Taylor said. “I shouldn't say I'm surprised. I know Ben, I know what he's about, I know the intangibles he brings to the table and the work ethic. He holds himself to such a high standard and I just thought he did an outstanding job.”

Zac Taylor Ben Johnson Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Bengals coach Zac Taylor raved about Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson
  • Taylor did not expect Johnson to have such quick success as a first-time coordinator
  • Johnson led the Lions to a top-five scoring offense
  • Taylor worked with Johnson in Miami in 2015
  • Johnson was officially promoted to offensive coordinator just two days prior to Taylor's praise
  • Taylor had been watching the Lions and was impressed with their performance  

The Big Picture: Zac Taylor loves him some Ben Johnson

The reason why this matters is that Johnson's promotion and success as an offensive coordinator is impressive and noteworthy. Not only did he achieve great success in a short amount of time, but he also received high praise from a respected NFL coach, Zac Taylor. This recognition can help elevate Johnson's profile and career prospects in the future.  

The Bottom Line – Rising Star in the NFL Coaching Ranks

In the highly competitive world of NFL coaching, rising stars like Ben Johnson are always in demand. With his impressive record as an offensive coordinator, Johnson's future is bright, and he is likely to attract more attention from other teams looking for a talented coach. It remains to be seen where Johnson's career will take him, but one thing is certain: his hard work, dedication, and skill have not gone unnoticed, and he is well on his way to becoming a major force in the NFL coaching ranks.

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