Bengals OL Jackson Carman not a fan of Eminem’s Detroit eatery

The Cincinnati Bengals had their way with the Detroit Lions yesterday at Ford Field, enjoying a 34-11 victory with relative ease and dropping Detroit to an abysmal 0-6 record in 2021.

It certainly was enough to make any Lions fans want to vomit, much in the same way that Bengals offensive lineman Jackson Carman did yesterday. However, there may be a reason with local ties connected to his bout of illness.

Prior to the game, Carman took to social media to ask for suggestions for local cuisine that Detroit is known for. More than a few Twitter responses pointed him towards “Mom's Spaghetti”, the new downtown eatery from none other than Detroit rapper Eminem with a clear reference to the lyrics in his hit song “Lose Yourself”.

Safe to say, Carman doesn't appear to be a fan.

However, Carman did take to twitter to say that he didn’t actually visit the eatery: