BIG FIGHT! Jordie Benn takes on Josh Gorges [VIDEO]

Try to pull your gaze away from Jordie Benn's glorious beard for a moment to watch this awesome fight.

Josh Gorges of the Buffalo Sabres lays a huge hit on Montreal Canadien Brendan Gallagher along the boards, leveling him to the ice. In response, Benn immediately locks onto Gorges and drops the gloves, sticking up for his teammate. It was a great fight, both men getting their good licks in. Don't take our word for it though, take a look for yourself and let us know who you think won.

So much for Benn's chances at winning the Lady Byng Trophy this season! Oh well, there is always next year. Of course, Benn did call Gorges a “great guy” after the game and he said he was just standing up for Brendan Gallagher.

Guess what makes this fight even better? When it is set to “Eye of the Tiger.”



FIGHT NIGHT! Former Red Wings’ bruiser Bob Probert’s first NHL fight

If you are a fan of the Detroit Red Wings, there is no question that you loved Bob Probert while he wore the Winged Wheel on his hockey sweater.

Probert was one of the greatest fighters in NHL history and it all started on November 11th, 1985 when he squared off against fellow rookie, Craig Coxe of the Vancouver Canucks.

Take a look at Probert and Coxe as they exchange punch after punch before Coxe finally goes down to the ice.

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