Big Ten Conference to realign, rename divisions

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KALAMAZOO, Michigan —

Say good-bye to the Legends and Leaders (at least as the divisional names the Big Ten Conference used this past year). An ESPN Chicago source revealed on Friday that the Big Ten will ditch the current divisional names in favor of using geographical names. Starting in 2014, the conference will feature an East Division and a West Division. The move comes as Maryland and Rutgers are set to become the 13th and 14th teams in the Big Ten.

Here is a look at the proposed divisions:

East Division: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Rutgers, Ohio State

West Division: Northwestern, Iowa, Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska

The realignment will require a vote from the Presidents of the Big Ten schools, but that is reportedly just a formality and not expected to be an issue.

Big Ten Conference

28 thoughts on “Big Ten Conference to realign, rename divisions”

  1. MSU got screwed in this. UM, OSU, and PSU in their division? All three are much better programs than MSU. Woohoo, back to complete mediocrity for us.

  2. i know that but they could have just neatly tucked into leaders or legends, why is it necessary to change everything

  3. That awkward moment when Michigan claims to be the Champions of the West, but really they’re in the East.

  4. Wisconsin? Iowa? Nebraska? All respectable programs. Even NW had a great season last year.

  5. Respectable maybe but the two powerhouses along with Penn State and Sparty is way more respectable than the West.

  6. It makes sense for scheduling too. Every West team (except Purdue) is in the Central Time Zone, and every East team is in the East. Makes sense. Competitiveness will vary year to year.

  7. There’ s really no easy way to realign teams without taking away rivalries. Geography is the standard divider in all other conferences. Big Ten finally joining the rest of the conferences. Good move

  8. Legends and leaders is gonna bite us in the ass this fall, when Michigan and OSU are both 11-0 then split and finish 12-1….. Then OSU gets into the NC game cause their loss came a week earlier

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