Blake Corum reveals Jim Harbaugh’s advice regarding NFL

Blake Corum, the star running back of the Michigan Wolverines, faced a pivotal decision regarding his torn meniscus and the possibility of declaring for the NFL draft. To gain insight into his readiness for the next level, Corum turned to his coach, Jim Harbaugh. Having witnessed numerous players transition from college to the professional ranks, Harbaugh's experience and expertise made him a valuable mentor.

Michigan Blake Corum Jim Harbaugh

Key points

  • Corum sought Harbaugh's guidance on his torn meniscus and NFL prospects.
  • Harbaugh advised Corum to undergo surgery and pursue a career in the NFL.
  • Corum considered the impact of a six-month rehab on his participation in key events.
  • Influential figures supported Corum's decision to enter the NFL draft, including his agent.

Blake Corum reveals Jim Harbaugh's advice regarding NFL

Corum's injury, sustained during an impressive season, put his NFL aspirations on hold. After consultations with doctors and NFL team physicians, surgery became the recommended course of action. In his interview with The 33rd Team, Corum shared Harbaugh's advice, affirming the significance of getting the surgery and pursuing a career in the NFL. Despite influential figures, including his own agent, encouraging him to enter the draft, Corum recognized the value of one more year in college, allowing him to complete his degree, contribute to the community, win a National Championship, and potentially enhance his draft stock.

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“Coach Harbaugh said to get the surgery,” Corum said. “And he told me to go to the (NFL).

“I said, ‘Coach, what would you do?’ He said, ‘If I were you, I’d go to the league.’”

“All these things are on my mind,” Corum said. “Are they going to judge me on my film? (Will they) think I’m not fast enough if I don’t run the 40? Am I not going to be able to prove myself and get drafted as high as possible?”

“The NFL is not going nowhere. What’s one more year? I’m getting all these things — these pros — my degree, chance to win a national championship, a chance to leave a true legacy,” Corum said. “A chance to be a hero. I’m in the community big time. I get one more year with the community, I get one more year with charities and giving back. There’s too many pros for something that’s always going to be there.

“It was all about the bigger picture in coming back, honestly.”

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Making the Right Call: Corum's Unique Path

Corum's decision-making process regarding his torn meniscus and potential NFL career showcases a thoughtful evaluation of both short-term and long-term goals. By seeking guidance from Harbaugh, Corum tapped into a wealth of experience and expertise. Despite Harbaugh advising him to enter the NFL draft, Corum recognized the value of staying in college for another year. This decision allows him to complete his degree, contribute to the community, pursue a national championship, and potentially enhance his draft stock. One thing is for certain, Michigan football fans are THRILLED that Corum made the decision he did!

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