Bob Quinn’s 3 biggest mistakes as Detroit Lions GM

Thankfully, Bob Quinn has FINALLY been fired as general manager of the Detroit Lions. It is a move that should have been made years ago as he continued to prove time and time again during his tenure.

But what were Quinn’s worst moves during his time with the Lions?

In my opinion, here are Quinn’s 3 biggest mistakes.

3. Keeping Jim Caldwell

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When Bob Quinn was hired to be the Detroit Lions’ next general manager, Jim Caldwell was retained as head coach, which was a mistake. Sure, Caldwell may be one of the Lions’ most successful coaches in franchise history but he was unable to get the team to the promised land and he likely never would have. At worst, Quinn should have moved on from Caldwell after their first year together but he failed to do so.

2. Drafting like a clown

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Don’t even get me started on Bob Quinn’s abilities (or lack thereof) to run an NFL draft. Sure, he found a couple of gems, one being Kenny Golladay, but a squirrel finds a nut ever now and again. Selecting players like Jarrad Davis, T.J. Hockenson, and Jeff Okudah where he did is laughable. Couple that with his selections of Jahlani Tavai and Teez Tabor in the second round is flat-out embarrassing.

1. Hiring (keeping) Matt Patricia

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As bad as Quinn was at building a competitive roster, his biggest mistake was his decision to hire his buddy, Matt Patricia. Now, I will be honest, I too lobbied for the Lions to hire Patricia but I am not an NFL general manager nor should I be. But what made the decision to hire Patricia even worse was that Quinn thought it was a good idea to keep him around past his first disastrous season!

Bob Quinn was a deer in headlights from the get-go and it is a disgrace that he had as long as he did as general manager of the Lions.