Bold double NFL Draft trade would send Trevor Lawrence to Detroit Lions

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*Originally published BEFORE the news that Stafford has requested a trade (Looks like I was wrong!)

As I have said 1,567,843 times since I started writing for Detroit Sports Nation, there is no way in hell that the Detroit Lions will trade Matthew Stafford before the start of the 2021 season. In fact, I have even suggested that they eventually give him a contract extension if he proves he can still play at a high-level next season.

That being said, there are plenty of people who believe Stafford is part of the problem in Detroit and that it would be best for the Lions to part ways with the greatest quarterback in the history of their franchise.

If the Lions do part ways with Stafford, it would be via a trade and that trade would go down before the 2021 NFL Draft.

While growing through Twitter this afternoon, I came across an article published by blogger John Maakaron on the All Lions site that somehow intrigued me to click.

In the article, Makaaron suggests a blockbuster double trade that would give the Lions a shot at quarterback, Trevor Lawrence.

The double trade would include the Lions first trading Stafford to the Indianapolis Colts for the No. 21 overall pick and the No. 85 overall pick in the 2021 draft. The Lions would then parlay that move into a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars, where Detroit would give up the No. 7, No. 21, No. 85 in 2021, along with their first and third-round picks in 2022 in exchange for the No. 1 overall pick in 2021.

If the Lions were to pull off that trade, they would be on the clock at No. 1 where they could land one of the highest-rated QB prospects of all-time, Trevor Lawrence.

Nation, if (HUGE IF) these moves were a possibility, and you were Lions GM Brad Holmes, would you pull the trigger?

Do you think there is any chance that the Jaguars would even make the second part of that trade?

I don’t.

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4 thoughts on “Bold double NFL Draft trade would send Trevor Lawrence to Detroit Lions”

  1. Holy crap, this reminds me of the looney tune who would imagine multiplayer trades for our tiger team. Whoever came up with this, has been indulging in too much kool-ade.

  2. Let’s not get too worried about the offense. Resign Golliday or pick up a good WR in free agency. Let’s work on the pourous defense. Pick 7 should get us the Parsons kid from Penn State and help the back 7. Stafford is still a really good QB and we don’t have to give up our next 2 years draft picks. Besides there is a Trevor Lawrence every year!!

  3. Food for thought, too many variables though but innovative thinking might be just what the Lions need !!

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