Bold Idea: Detroit Lions Fans’ Trolling Plan for Matthew Stafford’s Return

Detroit Lions fans might have a unique way of trolling Matthew Stafford

Kelly Stafford stirred up the internet this week with a candid revelation on the “Off the Vine” podcast, where she shared a fascinating detail from her past: she once dated the backup quarterback to her now-husband, Matthew Stafford, during his time at the University of Georgia. Thanks to Kelly, Detroit Lions fans could have some fun come Week 1.

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Kelly Stafford’s Unexpected Dating Story

Kelly opened up about her early days at Georgia, saying, “I met him before school started because we were both there for two-a-days. I was there for cheerleading. He was there for football. We had a really good time, but he was the QB at an SEC college. He was trying to casually date, and I didn’t know what that was.”

Reflecting on her relationship with Matthew, she continued, “Long story short, it wasn’t that cute of a relationship at first. I hated him. I loved him. I dated the backup to piss him off – which worked. He was the bad boy, too. Matthew was so sweet, and Southern gentleman, and all that stuff. The backup was the complete opposite, and it upset him. It worked, thankfully.”

Speculation Over the Backup Quarterback

Following Kelly’s revelation, speculation quickly arose about the identity of the backup quarterback she mentioned. Many fans and commentators believe she was referring to Joe Cox, who served as one of Matthew Stafford’s backups at Georgia.

Jeff Riger of 97.1 The Ticket proposed a humorous idea for Detroit Lions fans, suggesting they playfully remind Matthew Stafford of his wife’s story during his next game at Ford Field.

Riger mused, “The backup was Joe Cox. There needs to be a Cox-out for Sunday Night Football vs LA. Could you imagine Matthew runs out to a sea of Lions fans wearing shirts with the face of Joe Cox on them? Or how about a Joe Cox tribute video? Guaranteed win for the Lions! lol.”

Kelly Stafford Kelly Stafford has message for Detroit Lions fans

Matthew Stafford’s Return to Ford Field to Face Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford, who faced heavy boos from fans at Ford Field last season, will start the 2024 season facing his former team, the Detroit Lions, as they take on the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday Night Football. The upcoming game adds an interesting twist to the Stafford saga, especially with Kelly’s recent revelations sparking fresh chatter among fans.

As the anticipation builds for the season opener, it remains to be seen how Detroit Lions fans will react to Stafford’s return—and whether they’ll play along with the humorous suggestions inspired by Kelly’s candid podcast confession.

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