Brad Ausmus Under Fire For Post-Game Comments

DETROIT, Michigan –

manager came under fire on Wednesday afternoon after a post-game comment he made while being interviewed following the teams’ 2-1 loss to Kansas City. Members of the media were asking how his mood at the ballpark has been during the teams’ current losing skid and then a question was asked about how his mood is at home. “I beat my wife”, Ausmus responded.


The answer drew nervous laughter from the media in the room, not knowing exactly how to react to such a unique response from the Tigers skipper.

To Ausmus’ credit, he did apologize moments later, saying that he didn’t mean to make light of beating women and said that his wife and kids have been very supportive of him over the last few weeks as the Tigers have gone just 9-20 since mid-May.

Brad Ausmus is a smart guy, but this time he crossed a line. I’m not sure what kind of reaction he thought he would get from making a comment about domestic violence, but he needs to use better judgment in the future. The comment comes just a few months after one of his own players, relief pitcher was involved in a sexual assault case. Reed has been cooperating with the investigation and no official charges have been made yet. On Wednesday morning the Tigers sent the struggling Reed down to Toledo.

Ausmus’ comments were inappropriate and out of line, and he knew it right away. I hope he’ll use better judgment in the future. The Tigers have not formally made a statement on their managers’ comments as of Wednesday evening.

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  1. Sadly I agree. It’s the same society that’s forcing the Redskins to change their name.

  2. His remarks were not funny at all! I’m sorry but especially with the not so distant past domestic violence history of Cabrera this was a very dumb response.

  3. Next say your gonna go kick your dog. Or hit your kid upside the head. There are jokes and there are stupid insensitive comments.

  4. Dustin if you think thete is anything funny in the moment about that your dumb. There’s right and wrong.

  5. You all broke the site, it will be back up shortly after recovering from the heart attack.

  6. All his wife has to do is wear another ALC teams uniform, and he won’t be able to beat her. Hell if he’s still wearing his tigers uniform, I wouldn’t trust him to find home anyhow.

  7. Would your reaction be different had President Obama made the comment? I just don’t see how domestic violence is a joke period.

  8. Who cares everyone needs to stop trying to police everyone else . Y’all just looking for the next suing opportunity. He made a joke mentioned nothing by it move on and start winning!

  9. Abraham Brereton, not all women are upset. Those of us who know a sarcastic comment when we see one are not upset. Don’t speak for me…thanks.

  10. I’ve got to wonder how Ausmus would feel if some day in the future his son-in-law should jokingly remark in public how he’s going to beat his wife, Ausmus’ daughter, once his son-in-law gets home at the end of the day. I’m also tired of people using the “rookie manager mistake”. Any rational individual should know that something like this should never be said especially in public. Although a first year manager, Brad’s been around professional baseball long enough to take the heat. This isn’t a situation about over sensitivity either as at minimum the statement is a borderline threat to his wife. The majority of us would be answering why such a statement was made if we made such a statement, but since he’s the manager of the Tigers, were supposedly over-sensitized. Also, as far as I’m concerned, the only one that Ausmus owes an apology to is his wife.

  11. Most of my jokes are definately inappropriate, so they would really hate me. Forget about the crybabies and keep trying to be funny. Anyone that cant handle dry humor can kiss off

  12. David don’t listen to society if you can’t accept sarcasm and humor. That’s it. Simple as that.

  13. Seriously guys grow up for Christ sake you cast a stone like your living in an open field. Shut up already

  14. A borderline threat to his wife. You’re a complete dumb, stupid, idiot who watches the hallmark channel during the day while searching for a job online in your mom’s basement. You panzi! David.

  15. Im sorry but I bursted out laughing when i just saw that clip, does that make him a bad person? No hes just got a sense of humor

  16. I love b ausmus we just need better relievers lol go tigers I’d feel the same way if I had the best roster in the mlb and we sucked so bad

  17. I get so sick and tired of this super sensitivity crap. Come on people, get a life. How do you spell woose? You spell it with a capital W.

  18. Leyland may actually said worse but he always a mouth full of food and there was no way to understand what the hell he was saying.

  19. It’s pitiful you can’t joke anymore without offending someone
    Hell he apologized
    What do you want
    Blood !!!!
    Lighten up

  20. So your the PC police? You somehow have been completely clean throughout your life and never offended another person? Right…

  21. His wife probably laughed, clearly she enjoys his brand of humor or she wouldn’t be married to him. In fact, I bet she laughed almost as hard as I did at this ignorant post. Can you post a picture of your throne and high horse and the glass house I’m sure you have never thrown a stone in?

  22. Ausmus wouldn’t have to say stupid sht If Dave D would have put together a better roster. Btw Fister is 5-2 with a lower ERA than 4 of our 5 starters.

  23. @james, dombrowski has put together a very good roster, Cabrera Martinez kinsler Scherzer Sanchez Jackson Davis castellanos jd Martinez hunter. They are in a horrible slump. Did you feel this way when they were 27 and 12. . Did you give any credit to dombrowski then. I’m tired of fair weather fans. They are terrible now but we’re only 1 1/2 out with 3 games in hand. They may get even worse before they get better but they will win the division!!

  24. People are way to sensitive these days, and he apologized immediately after he said it. BTW he’s not even married, lighten up people.

  25. He was joking you people need to chill out if I was him I would be beating my players then go home and beat the wife….. lol

  26. It was a frickin joke. This country is becoming a bunch of cry baby sissies. …….

  27. People get too butthurt by other peoples comments. This entire thread is my case in point. He said something then immediately apologized. Move on. No reason to disect it and beat a dead horse.

  28. He was asked a very dumb a– media question…why not return the favor to them with a dumb answer…get off his back media.

  29. So, people don’t know sarcasm when they hear it? Let’s knock off the polically correct speech BS !

  30. Get a grip people. It was funny and you are overly sensitive. It was obvious at the time that it was a joke.

  31. He is a manager over a team of extremely talented but way overpaid men who don’t need to produce good results to still work and collect their millions. He has a right to be frustrated.

  32. Lighten up it was a joke… i laughed. If you were offened your parents raised a sissy

  33. Get over it the only reason this is being made a big deal of. Is because of who he is and his status. It was meant as a joke and yes he did it at the wrong time. He is human just like the rest of us and at some point in our lives we all have stuck or foot in out mouths. There are bigger issue this country needs to face but instead we choice to waist our time on stuff like this.

  34. there are no stupid questions. Just unthinking people who ask them. What did the reporter expect. He goes home to his castle in fairytale land to his wife the princess. His 2.5 children and never gives it another thought.
    Come on people ask about the game and leave his personal life out of it.

  35. While it can be a touchy subject for many, it was a joking comment which he clearly stated. People need to lighten up.

  36. Way to make a story out of nothing. This is nothing more than what should be expected from the pc society we have raised in this country. Off hand comment about a backhanded slap steams the media only.

  37. Anybody watching could easily tell it was an OMG did I just say that? moment for Ausmus. I have no intention of holding that against him.

  38. Join the real world people lighten up. The same people all fitted up about this know people who really do beat there wives yet do nothing about it but a baseball skipper makes the comment and they jump all over him

  39. He needs to beat the wife more often. Rofl. As soon as I buried them , they awoke. Miggy made a huge blunder by not standing on 2nd , they promptly tagged him for double play. Then a hr by JD. Could of cost us a game. Let’s see what happens on this brutal road trip.

  40. Ausmus was out of line for what he said. He apologized. Not good but the media, etc. need to move on.

  41. I’m about as unPC as you get, and the comment does not bother me personally in the least, but a leader who speaks to the media and is the face of the organization needs to be smarter than that. It’s just not a joke you can afford to make and it demonstrates poor judgement on Brad’s part.

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