Brad Holmes’ comments about Jameson Williams cause some fans to freak out

Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes has high expectations for Jameson Williams, who missed most of his rookie season due to injury. Despite his lack of playing time, Holmes believes Williams’ speed and rare ability will make a significant impact on the Lions’ passing game in the upcoming season. During an interview at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine, Holmes talks about Williams and some Lions’ fans are reading way too much into things.

Brad Holmes Jameson Williams Detroit Lions

Key points

  • Brad Holmes compares Jameson Williams to a brand-new first-round pick.
  • Williams missed most of his rookie season due to injury but made his debut in December.
  • Williams needs polish in every aspect of his game, but Detroit has a plan in place to ensure his success.
  • The Lions had a top-five passing game last season despite Williams’ absence.
  • Williams has the potential to make a significant impact on the Lions’ passing game in the upcoming season.
  • Some Lions fans are reading way too much into Holmes’ comments about Williams

Brad Holmes comments about expectations for Jameson Williams

“We didn’t know really how much we were gonna get out of him (as a rookie), but it was good to have him get some kind of game experience to kind of feel the speed of the game,” Holmes said. “We’re just gonna continue to do everything that we need to do to make sure that he’s set up to succeed. Jameson also has to hold his part and make sure that he’s doing everything that he needs to do. So it’s always an accountability factor on both sides, but we expect big things from him. He’s got rare talent, rare ability. He’s got a serious passion for the game. We expect big things from him. But obviously, we’ve got to do both our parts to make sure he’s successful.”

Some fans freak out over Holmes’ comments about Williams

Stop freaking out, there is nothing to see here

Folks, if you are one of the fans who are freaking out about Holmes’ recent comments, you just have to relax. Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell have made it clear over and over again that accountability is a big part of what they are building and that nothing is just going to be given out, even if you are a first-round pick. What Holmes said about Williams is no different that he and Campbell have said for the past two years.

The Big Picture: Jameson Williams’ potential impact on the Detroit Lions offense

The Lions’ passing game was already successful last season, ranking in the top five despite Williams’ absence. With Williams’ speed and rare ability, Holmes believes he will make a significant impact on the team’s offense. However, Williams still needs to develop his game, and the Lions have a plan in place to help him reach his full potential.

Jameson Williams By the Numbers

Williams finished his rookie season with one catch on nine targets, which went for a 41-yard touchdown.

  • Williams ran the ball once for 40 yards.
  • Williams had another long touchdown catch that was nullified by penalty.

Williams’ limited playing time last season makes his potential impact on the Lions’ passing game even more impressive. Despite only one catch, his speed and ability were evident in his touchdown and other plays.

The Bottom Line – Jameson Williams has fans excited for the upcoming season

Jameson Williams missed most of his rookie season due to injury, but his speed and rare ability have Detroit Lions fans excited about his potential impact on the team’s passing game in the upcoming season. With a plan in place to help Williams develop his game, the Lions hope to see big things from him in the future.

Written by W.G. Brady

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