Brad Holmes’ comments DO NOT mean the Detroit Lions will draft a QB

Let me begin by saying that I am not a huge fan of publicly calling out other people for the opinions they have or do not have. That being said, Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes made some comments on Thursday about adding a third quarterback to the roster, and multiple media members, both local and national, are claiming that means the team will select a QB in the upcoming NFL Draft. Folks, that is not remotely what Holmes said during the presser.

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Key Points

  • Holmes told reporters on Thursday that the Lions will be adding a third QB to their roster
  • Some media members have claimed that this means the Lions will draft a QB
  • Holmes DID NOT say the Lions are drafting a QB

Brad Holmes says Detroit Lions will add a third QB

Here are Holmes' quotes from Thursday's presser:

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“I mean, we’d like to add another one,” Holmes said during his pre-draft presser. “Whether it’s through the draft, whether it’s after the draft. Just like I talked to you guys about in Arizona. Some of these quarterbacks, they’re waiting till after the draft to see what teams do. Guys that have had a lot more experience. That’s always a possibility, but we won’t be pinched, we won’t be forced to do anything that doesn’t line up and doesn’t match. By training camp, when we get there we’ll make sure that we’ll have another quarterback at some point.”

Holmes' comments DO NOT mean the Lions will draft a QB

Go ahead, read through those comments from Holmes again, and let me know how somebody could possibly believe they mean the Lions absolutely will select a QB in the upcoming draft. Yes, the Lions are going to add a third quarterback before training camp, and yes, the Lions MAY select a QB in the 2023 NFL Draft. But to say that Holmes just said the Lions WILL select a QB in the upcoming draft is just dishonest.

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