Brad Holmes comments on Detroit Lions selecting a QB in 2023 NFL Draft

The Detroit Lions have their starting quarterback for the 2023 season in Jared Goff, who has meshed well with offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. However, general manager Brad Holmes has expressed the team's need to add depth to the quarterback position. The Lions are looking to find a backup quarterback who can step in and keep the ship afloat if Goff happens to go down with an injury. On Wednesday, Holmes spoke to the crew on GMFB and he had the following to say when he was asked about potentially taking a QB with one of their first two picks in the 2023 NFL Draft:

“It just has to make sense,” Holmes said. “Obviously, we like Jared (Goff). He's our starter, but we don't have a lot behind him.”

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Holmes quickly shifted gears and started talking about getting a QB to back up Goff.

“We were kind of sliding into home plate at the very end of training camp, trying to find a backup quarterback. We were able to get Nate Sudfeld, who did a nice job for us. But we’ve had these open, transparent conversations about… ‘we’re happy with Jared, he’s our starter, but we need to add some pieces in that room overall.'”

Key points

  • Jared Goff is the Lions' starting quarterback for 2023
  • The team needs to add depth to the quarterback position
  • General manager Brad Holmes says taking a QB in 2023 NFL Draft has to make sense, but they do have to find a backup for Goff, either via free agency or the draft.
Brad Holmes Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft

The Big Picture: Brad Holmes is committed to Jared Goff but knows Detroit Lions need a backup QB

The Lions' pursuit of a backup quarterback who can continue to develop behind Jared Goff is crucial in building a strong future for the team. A good backup quarterback can make a difference between a team staying afloat or completely falling apart when the starting quarterback is injured or unable to play. Holmes has made it clear that while the Lions are happy with Goff as their starter, they need to add more pieces to the quarterback room to ensure future success.  

The Bottom Line – Brad Holmes will add a couple of QBs during the offseason 

The Lions have a starting quarterback for the 2023 season in Jared Goff, but their pursuit of a backup quarterback has to continue until they find a formidable one. There is no doubt about it that the Lions will add a couple of QBs during the offseason, and it will be interesting to see how Holmes attacks that.

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