Brad Holmes comments on some Detroit Lions’ players superpowers

During a recent interview with Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes, Justin Rogers of the Detroit News asked him to reveal the superpowers from some of his players.

Here is how that exchange went.

From Detroit News:

► Q. One of the things you picked up from Les Snead was identifying a person’s superpower. So I want to close out by saying a few names and you telling me their superpower. Let’s start with Jared Goff. 

► A. “Goff’s super power? Anticipation.” 

► Q. Michael Brockers?

► A. “Leadership.”

► Q. Frank Ragnow?

► A. “Toughness.”

► Q. No, sorry, the correct answer we were looking for was bench press. 

► A. “Actually, you know what, I would just say intangibles, period. The guy, I don’t want to say a talent, because yes, he’s strong, he’s athletic. A center that big shouldn’t be able to move like that. But his intangibles, I love the way he plays the game. He just does things the right way.”

► Q. Honestly, your first answer was probably right. The guy played a game with a fractured throat.

► A. “You could say toughness, but there’s a reason he’s a foundational piece of what we’re going to be doing.”

► Q. Ray Agnew?

► A. “Human being. Special. He is man of faith, man of integrity, energetic, very collaborative. He’s a great family man. He’s been a mentor. I don’t know if he’s known that all the time, but I’ve told him.”

► Q. Yourself?

► A. “I might have to plead the fifth on that one. I think I do have many talents that I think I excel it, but I would say it feels weird to talk about myself.”

► Q. You can pass.

► A. “I can pass? Great.” 

This is some great stuff from Justin Rogers and Brad Holmes.