Brad Holmes responds to Mel Kiper’s comments about Detroit Lions staying away from QB

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What will the Detroit Lions do with their No. 7 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft?

Well, if it were up to ESPN “draft guru” Mel Kiper, taking a quarterback at No. 7 would not even be an option.

“I would not consider a quarterback if I were the Lions,” Kiper said in a teleconference Monday. “I think Jared Goff is a 26-year-old quarterback who has been to a Super Bowl, was off to the races as a great No. 1 pick overall and all that. Now you have people that are familiar with him, he’s familiar with in terms of the (new Lions) front office. To me, you build around the quarterback.”

A day later, Lions GM Brad Holmes was asked about Kiper’s comments about staying away from the quarterback position at No. 7 and he said that when you are picking in the top 10, you cannot just ignore the QB position.

“When you’re picking in the Top 10, I don’t think you can ignore and I think it’s smart drafting business anyways, when you’re picking in the Top 10 that you make sure you know that quarterback class very thoroughly,” Holmes said.

Holmes noted that he likes this year’s class of quarterbacks because they come in “all different flavors.”

“The quarterback position in general, what’s cool about this year is that they’re in all different flavors,” Holmes said. “You have a guy that can actually do it all, do it from the pocket, do it with his legs. You have another guy that probably a little bit more does it with his legs, a little bit more of being creative. There’s another guy probably does it more from the pocket.

“So all the different flavors makes it very, very intriguing in terms of when you’re looking across the whole scope of the class of these quarterbacks.”

Nation, what do you think the Lions should do with the No. 7 overall pick? Should they consider taking a QB?