Brad Holmes says Brian Branch ‘might not play an immediate impact’

Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes recently spoke about the team's draft strategy and the selection of safety Brian Branch. Despite Branch falling to the middle of the second round, Holmes expressed his enthusiasm for the pick and the grade the team had on him. However, he also acknowledged that Branch may not have an immediate impact as a rookie.

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Key Points

  • Holmes was happy to trade up to select Branch in Round 2
  • Holmes had a high grade on Branch and was surprised he fell to the middle of the second round
  • Branch may not have an immediate impact on the Lions' defense as a rookie
  • The Lions' draft strategy focuses on selecting the best available player rather than drafting for immediate need

Brad Holmes says Brian Branch ‘might not play an immediate impact'

On Tuesday, Holmes joined The Stoney & Jansen Show on 97.1 The Ticket and said the following about Branch.

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“I thought he may have been picked a little bit earlier, maybe later in the first, top of the second, somewhere around that range,” Holmes said. “But, once he made himself available, the grade that we had on him made us very encouraged to go up there and grab him. We were jacked to get him. We'll just see how far Brian goes. He's a great football player. He can do a lot of different things. Fortunately, we're at a spot with our roster, from a roster standpoint, that you might take guys as high as the second round who might not play an immediate impact. But, it all goes back to, dude, we don't acquire these players just for right now.”

Bottom Line – Trust the Process

The Lions' draft strategy under Brad Holmes focuses on building a strong foundation of talent for the future, rather than addressing immediate needs in the roster. The selection of Brian Branch fits into this strategy, as the team had a high grade on him and believes in his potential. While he may not have an immediate impact, the Lions are trusting the process and building for long-term success.

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