Brad Holmes says we will soon know Detroit Lions decision on WR Kenny Golladay

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There is little question about it that Kenny Golladay is one of the most talented wide receivers in the National Football League and he is certainly the top WR on the Detroit Lions roster.

The question is, will he still be on the Lions roster by the time the 2021 regular season begins.

On Tuesday, Lions GM Brad Holmes spoke to the media and though he would not say if the Lions are actively trying to sign Golladay to a long-term extension, we will soon find out exactly what the organization plans to do with their No. 1 wide receiver.

“I don’t think there’s any debate that Kenny has shown the ability to be a No. 1 receiver in this league,” Holmes said. “And with that skill set that everybody knows that he has, we all know that he has and being at where we’re at from a roster standpoint, there’s also been no debate that Kenny’s been at the forefront of our mind in terms of making sure that we make the best possible decision for not only the Lions but for Kenny. So I wish I had a more direct answer to you to tell you exactly what we’re going to do, but out of respect for the process, I’ll keep that in house.”

“We want to make the best decision for the Lions and sometimes those decisions take a little bit longer,” Holmes said. “And the great thing is that we have a process in place that we believe in that we’ve been firm in. When we really start the planning stages of the process, that process can go all the way up to when you have to make the decision.”

“We’re not going to rush (a decision), so whether it is the franchise tag on a Romeo (Okwara) or a Kenny, whoever it is, we definitely have a process in place that we believe in that we’re trusting,” Holmes said. “That’s probably the best thing about it, is that we have a process that we’re trusting and we’re sticking to it. And if it makes sure that it meets the Detroit Lions timeline and that’s really the thing that matters the most.”

The Lions’ options in regards to Golladay are to sign him to an extension, use the franchise tag on him, or tag and trade him. The Lions have until March 9 to make a decision whether or not they want to use the franchise tag, which means we will know the verdict within the next week.

The smart move at this point seems to be to use the franchise tag on Golladay and then trade him at some point before the 2021 NFL Trade Deadline, maybe even prior to the 2021 NFL Draft if a team makes the right offer.

Nation, what do you think the Lions will decide to do with Kenny Golladay?

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  1. Let him walk and use the franchise tag on Okwara. He has much more value to this team because he’s one of the few defensive playmakers we have.

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