Brad Holmes unveils new Detroit Lions motto for 2023

The Detroit Lions finished last season strong, winning eight of their last ten games. With this momentum, they hope to carry that energy into the 2023 NFL season. General Manager Brad Holmes announced on Wednesday at the NFL Combine that the Lions are adopting a new “villain” mentality, shedding their feel-good image for a more aggressive approach. This announcement has sparked curiosity and discussion among fans and analysts alike.

Here is a photo of the sweet “Villain” hoodie that Holmes wore on Wednesday.

Brad Holmes Detroit Lions

“This is something that we kinda came up with over time just inside our personnel and scouting department,” Holmes said on GMFB. “It’s just about what we’re all about, what we’re trying to find in the draft and the guys that fit our culture. I can’t give out too much, but it’s something that’s within our building and then it’s on our walls. It’s something that we believe in.”

Key Points:

  • Brad Holmes announced the Lions’ new “villain” mentality at the NFL Combine
  • The team is looking for players who fit their culture and attitude
  • The announcement has generated buzz among fans and analysts
  • The Lions finished last season strong and hope to carry that momentum into 2023

The Big Picture: The Lions’ culture shift continues

The Lions’ decision to adopt a new “villain” mentality signals a culture shift within the organization. Under Holmes and his team, the Lions have emphasized the importance of hard work and high character. This new approach suggests that the team may be looking for players with a bit more edge and attitude. It remains to be seen how this will impact the team’s performance on the field, but it is clear that the Lions are committed to building a winning culture.

The Bottom Line – Lions fans hope the new motto will lead to success

The Detroit Lions’ decision to adopt a new “villain” mentality is generating buzz among fans and analysts. While it remains to be seen how this shift will impact the team’s performance, fans are hopeful that it will lead to success on the field. The Lions have been mired in mediocrity for years, and a new approach may be just what the team needs to turn things around. Only time will tell if the Lions’ new motto will lead to a winning season, but fans are eager to see what the future holds.

One Comment

  1. Personally, I liked ‘GRIT’ and don’t like ‘Villain’. This seems to convey old school Raiders culture—dirty play, etc. I assume that’s not what they’re going for.

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