BREAKING: Detroit Lions Week 13 Inactive list revealed and you will not be happy

On Sunday afternoon, the Detroit Lions will square off against the Baltimore Ravens in what is a crucial game for both teams in terms of qualifying for the NFL Playoffs.

After losing to the Minnesota Vikings on Thanksgiving Day, the Lions (6-5) now trail the Vikings by three games in the NFC North with just five games remaining on the schedule. Chances are high that Minnesota has the North wrapped up, which means the Lions will have to secure a Wild Card spot if they want to be in the playoffs.

If the Lions want to take down the Ravens, they are going to have to do so a bit short-handed. As you can see, the Lions will be without starters Ameer Abdullah and Travis Swanson today.

Here are the Ravens inactives.

In addition to rooting for their team on Sunday afternoon, Lions fans should also be rooting for both the Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons to lose their respective games as those teams are both ahead of Detroit in the Wild Card standings.


BREAKING: Attempt to implode Pontiac Silverdome an EPIC FAILURE? [VIDEO]

On Sunday morning, at 8:30 a.m., the first step of demolishing the Pontiac Silverdome was set to take place, and that’s exactly what happened…kind of.

 Though most in the surrounding areas of the Silverdome were able to hear an explosion that resembled a roar of thunder, reports are surfacing that though the attempt was a “success,” the former home of the Detroit Lions was “built a little too well.”
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