BREAKING: Detroit Pistons agree to mega-contract with Monty Williams

We got him! According to reports, the Detroit Pistons and Monty Williams have agreed to a HUGE contract!

We got him! According to a report from Shams Charania, Monty Williams and the Detroit Pistons have agreed in principle on a six-year, $72 million deal for Williams to become the franchise's next head coach. The deal is expected to be finalized in the coming days. That's right, folks, the Pistons are paying Williams a whopping $12 million per season to coach their team.

Why it Matters for Detroit Pistons and Monty Williams

Earlier today, a report surfaced that the Pistons were prepared to make Williams an offer of $10 million per season. Obviously, that report was off by a couple of million per season, as Williams will be paid an average of $12 million per season over the next six seasons. If this report is accurate, Williams will be the highest-paid head coach in NBA history.

Monty Williams Detroit Pistons

Bottom Line: The Pistons are going BIG

Williams' addition to the Pistons brings a wealth of valuable experience and leadership to the team. As a well-regarded coach in the NBA, Williams has a proven track record of guiding teams to success. His expertise and strategic acumen have the potential to revitalize the Pistons' performance on the court and instill a winning culture within the organization.


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