DSN’s Week 14 NFL Power Rankings revealed

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So the New Orleans Saints lose after winning 10 straight and the Dallas Cowboys are on the rise. The Saints are still on top but the Rams have the NFC home-field advantage as of now. The Kansas City Chiefs have the lead in the AFC right now but they have the Houston Texans, Los Angeles Chargers and New England Patriots are right on their heels.  All kinds of fun twists in the Week 14 NFL Power Rankings.

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#1 New Orleans Saints (10-2)

Weekly Results: L. 10-13 @ Dallas Cowboys

Ranking Points: 182.87

Last Week:  1   Change: —

Note: The 10-game winning streak is over, but the Saints still have a sizeable lead as the best team for 5 weeks in a row.

#2 Los Angeles Rams (11-1)

Weekly Results:  W, 30-16 @ Detroit Lions

Ranking Points: 136.7

Last Week: 4   Change: +2

Note: This team may now have the advantage in the NFC, but they played a very close game with the lowly Lions. They are the 1st team to clinch their division and they have a pretty easy last 4. They should close the gap on N.O. in these rankings each week.

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4-1)

Weekly Results: L, 30-33 vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Ranking Points: 131.18

Last Week: 3    Change: —

Note: Back-to-back losses hurt as the Steelers are being surpassed by a bunch of teams that are on a roll. RB Conner may be out a while.

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#4 Dallas Cowboys (7-5)

Weekly Results: W, 13-10 vs. New Orleans Saints

Ranking Points: 123.15

Last Week: 9   Change: +5

Note: That’s 5 wins in a row and a huge upset of the #1 New Orleans Saints. The defense was unbeatable in this one as they shut down Brees and co. The Cowboys are a contender since the addition of WR Cooper.

#5 Houston Texans (9-3) 

Weekly Results: W, 29-13 vs. Cleveland Browns

Ranking Points: 121.85

Last Week: 8    Change: +3

Note: 9 in a row! This team is now in the top 3 in the AFC. The Defense is very, very tough.

#6 Kansas City Chiefs (10-2)

Weekly Results:  W, 40-33 @ Oakland Raiders

Ranking Points: 121.67

Last Week: 2     Change: -4

Note: RB Hunt is gone and this team struggled a bit, but on defense. A slight advantage of the Raiders keeps them up top, but falling just a bit.

#7 Denver Broncos (6-6)

Weekly Results: W, 24-10 @ Cincinnati Bengals

Ranking Points: 112.9

Last Week: 6    Change: -1

Note: Now back at .500, they have a unique opportunity to make the playoffs. An easy final 4 makes the 1 game deficit for the final playoff spot easy to overcome. 3rd in the division may be the 3rd division team to qualify for the postseason.

#8 Los Angeles Chargers (9-3)

Weekly Results: W, 33-30 @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Ranking Points: 112.5

Last Week: 10    Change: +2

Note: What a win for this team over Pittsburgh. 3 straight defensive offsides gave LA 3 chances at a game-winning FG.

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#9 New England Patriots (9-3)

Weekly Results: W, 24-10 vs. Minnesota Vikings

Ranking Points: 107.4

Last Week: 13   Change: +4

Note: Well, well this is the New England team we all expect to

#10 Baltimore Ravens (7-5)

Weekly Results: W, 26-16 @ Atlanta Falcons

Ranking Points: 97.49

Last Week: 14    Change: +4

Note: Rookie QB Jackson wins his 3rd straight and now has this team with a one-game cushion for the final playoff spot.

#11 Minnesota Vikings (6-5-1) 

Weekly Results: L, 10-24 @ New England Patriots

Ranking Points: 93.97

Last Week: 5    Change: -6

Note: A chance to move forward in this weak division and they are handled easily. This game said more about NE than it does MIN. The last 4 games show an opportunity to make the playoffs and make some noise.

#12 Seattle Seahawks (7-5)

Weekly Results: W, 43-16 vs. San Francisco49ers

Ranking Points: 86.9

Last Week: 12   Change: —

Note: A dominating win and this team is in the playoff mix and sitting in the 4th spot in the NFC.


#13 Philadelphia Eagles (6-6)

Weekly Results: W, 28-13 vs.Washington Redskins

Ranking Points: 81.45

Last Week: 21    Change: +8

Note: Nice win for the Eagles, still hanging on. Just barely.

#14 Chicago Bears (8-4)

Weekly Results: L, 27-30 (OT) @ New York Giants

Ranking Points: 80.75

Last Week: 7    Change: -7

Note: Tough loss at a surging NYG team. Good news is that no other team in the NFC North won their games either. Bears hold the advantage and it very well could come down to a season-ending tilt at Minnesota.

#15 Indianapolis Colts (6-6)

Weekly Results:   L. 0-6 @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Ranking Points: 68.35

Last Week: 11    Change: -4

Note: After 5 straight wins with 8 straight 3-touchdown games from Luck, the offense fizzled.

#16 Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8)

Weekly Results: W, 6-0 vs. Indianapolis Colts

Ranking Points: 65.75

Last Week: 23    Change: +7

Note: A huge win on the road and the chance to play spoiler worked out well for the QB Kessler led team.

#17 Detroit Lions (4-8)

Weekly Results: L, 16-30 vs. Los Angeles Rams

Ranking Points: 64.55

Last Week: 19    Change: +2

Note: Bad playcalling, bad playing. This team moves up in the rankings only because this was a worse week for other teams in the bottom middle of the pack.

#18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-7)

Weekly Results: W, 24-20 vs. Carolina Panthers

Ranking Points: 62.3

Last Week: 24    Change: +6

Note: A couple big wins and this team is two games out with 4 games to go.

#19 Tennessee Titans (6-6)

Weekly Results:   W, 26-22 vs. New York Jets

Ranking Points: 60.97

Last Week: 16    Change:-3

Note: Tennessee has a comeback to beat this bad Jets team. They now sit in a 4-way tie, just one game out of the playoffs.

#20 Cleveland Browns (4-7-1)

Weekly Results: L, 13-29 @ Houston Texans

Ranking Points: 51.05

Last Week: 18    Change: -2

Note: They ran into a buzzsaw in Houston. It looks like the playoffs possibility is over.

#21 Atlanta Falcons (4-8)

Weekly Results:  L,  16-26 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Ranking Points: 49.95

Last Week: 17    Change: -4

Note: If there was any question to if this team could end in the playoffs, you should have none now

#22 New York Giants (4-8)

Weekly Results: W, 30-27 (OT) vs.Chicago Bears

Ranking Points: 46

Last Week: 27    Change: +5

Note: Well, this Giants team apparently likes the spoiler role.

#23 Green Bay Packers (4-7-1)

Weekly Results: L, 17-20 vs. Arizona Cardinals

Ranking Points: 42.5

Last Week: 15   Change: -8

Note: HC McCarthy got the ax after this terrible loss to Arizona. The season is over and they must fix the issues.

#24 Carolina Panthers (6-6)

Weekly Results: L, 17-24 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ranking Points: 33.35

Last Week: 20    Change: -4

Note: Now three in a row in the L column. A bad loss on the road and the playoffs are slipping away.

#25 Washington Redskins (6-6)

Weekly Results: L, 13-28 @ Philadelphia Eagles

Ranking Points: 27.5

Last Week: 22    Change: -3

Note: QB McCoy wasn’t terrible, although he did toss 3 interceptions. Going forward, this team will struggle and the division is out of their hands.

#26 Miami Dolphins (6-6)

Weekly Results: W, 21-17 vs. Buffalo Bills

Ranking Points: 22.35

Last Week: 25    Change: -1

Note: A narrow win over a slightly worse team. The next two weeks will tell the tale for this team.

#27 Cincinnati Bengals (5-7)

Weekly Results: L, 10-24 vs. Denver Broncos

Ranking Points: 17.95

Last Week: 26    Change: -1

Note: Two games out with 4 to go and 4 teams to leapfrog.  The season is over.

#28 Buffalo Bills (4-8)

Weekly Results: L, 17-21 @ Miami Dolphins

Ranking Points: 12.7

Last Week: 28    Change: —

Note: They play well with Allen at the helm, they just need more talent.

#29 San Francisco 49ers (2-10)

Weekly Results: L, 16-43 @ Seattle Seahawks

Ranking Points: -3.35

Last Week: 29    Change: —

Note: No hope for this season, but they could have a great draft pick to add to their team going forward.

#30 Arizona Cardinals (3-9)

Weekly Results: W, 20-17 @ Green Bay Packers

Ranking Points: -5.05

Last Week: 31   Change: +1

Note: Now a big win and a chance to be in the spoiler role as well.

#31 New York Jets (3-9)

Weekly Results: L, 22-26 @ Tennessee Titans

Ranking Points: -13.4

Last Week: 30    Change: -1

Note: When will the ax fall on the HC? The only thing saving him is the fact that QB Darnold is hurt.

#32 Oakland Raiders (2-10)

Weekly Results: L, 33-40 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Ranking Points: -20.2

Last Week: 32    Change: —

Note: Worst team in the AFC, and it’s not even close. They played very well against KC.

Warning! These are not your usual Power Rankings. I’m not your everyday NFL analyst who throws his bias into how he ranks teams. I use a formula developed over many years and this is all about numbers. Please remember that Power Rankings are reactive and not predictive. This is where the teams stand following the previous weeks’ games. These rankings and the formulas and bonuses used to compile them are even for all teams.

Bottom Line: If you are a top 5 team playing a bottom 5 team and you win by a point or lose straight up, you will be penalized. If you win big, the rewards will boost you in the rankings.