BREAKING: Former Detroit Lions’ GM Matt Millen has heart transplant surgery

If you have been following along, you already know that former Detroit Lions general manager Matt Millen was desperately in need of a new heart.

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Well, according to Peter King, Millen had heart transplant surgery and according to Millen’s wife, Matt is in recovery and the heart is a perfect match.

From Football Morning in America:

I called, and Millen said he was scheduled to undergo the transplant at 1 a.m. Monday. The surgery would take, if a normal one, between four and six hours. Quite a Christmas Eve gift for Millen, his wife Pat and their family.

I spoke to Millen late Sunday afternoon, and told him he had a lot of people out in the football world rooting for him.

“Tell ‘em to pray,” he said cheerfully. “I’ll need it.”

Consider yourselves prompted, people. In this season of giving, give your prayers to a man who needs them.

Update, 8:11 a.m.: Millen is out of surgery. He’ll be in recovery until late this afternoon. In a text from the hospital, Millen’s wife Pat said: “Doctors said the heart was a perfect match and he is doing well. The surgery went smoothly.”

I’ll be passing on any further updates as I get them.

This is absolutely amazing news. Please make sure to keep Matt Millen in your thoughts and prayers.


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