BREAKING: Michigan Football decides on replacement for Jim Harbaugh

BREAKING: Michigan Football decides on replacement for Jim Harbaugh.

Michigan Football decides on replacement for Jim Harbaugh

Earlier tonight, news broke that Jim Harbaugh was leaving the Michigan Wolverines to become the next head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. Ever since that news broke, there has been plenty of speculation about who would replace him at Michigan. Well, it appears as if we have the answer to that question.

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Who will replace Jim Harbaugh?

According to a report from Chris Balas of The Wolverine, current Michigan offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore is expected to replace Harbaugh as the Wolverines' head coach.

From On3:

“Sherrone Moore is expected to be named the next Michigan football coach in 7-10 days, according to Chris Balas of The Wolverine. He will replace Jim Harbaugh, who left for the NFL to become the coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.”

The Logical Choice

With Harbaugh officially leaving Ann Arbor, Sherrone Moore seems like the logical choice as a replacement. Moore, of course, coached the Wolverines to HUGE wins over Penn State and Ohio State. Those wins allowed Michigan to advance to their third consecutive Big Ten Championship Game. Moore is extremely popular amongst the players, and he is known to be a solid recruiter.

Sherrone Moore named a semifinalist

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Sherrone Moore Expected to Lead Michigan: Offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore is reported to be the likely successor to Jim Harbaugh as head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. This transition is expected to occur within 7-10 days.
  2. Impressive Track Record: Moore has been instrumental in coaching Michigan to significant victories, including wins against Penn State and Ohio State, leading to their third consecutive appearance in the Big Ten Championship Game.
  3. Player-Favorite and Recruiting Acumen: Known for his popularity among players and his strong recruiting skills, Moore brings a blend of leadership and rapport that could ensure a smooth transition for the team following Harbaugh's departure.

Bottom Line

Sherrone Moore’s expected promotion to head coach positions him as a natural and fitting choice for Michigan Football. His existing relationship with the team and proven coaching abilities are key factors that are likely to maintain the program’s momentum and uphold its competitive edge.