BREAKING: Roger Goodell Accused of Having Both Ray Rice Tapes in April

Roger Goodell is now being accused of having seen the infamous “Ray Rice tape” before he made his initial decision to suspend Rice for just 2 games. This news is coming from the same law enforcement agency that Goodell accused of refusing him the video. The fingers continue to be pointed in both directions, and it is making all parties involved look bad. Now, there is a national outcry for Roger Goodell to resign as the NFL Commissioner, as he has been accused of lying to team owners, the NFLPA, and every one of us.

The AP source does not say that Goodell saw the video himself, but that they delivered both videos to an NFL executive. Roger Goodell has been accused of seeing both videos before, so this isn’t exactly new news. However, this is the first time a source has gone on the record to state that an NFL executive had access to both tapes. To read a copy of the memo that Roger Goodell sent out to the NFL teams read this Facebook post by Adam Schefter.

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  1. And now comes Leigh Steinberg who wrote the league’s current CBA to point out that the league can only impose one punishment per incident and that Rice will be entitled to be reinstated after his two game suspension. Hang down your head, Roger.

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