Reggie Bush to Detroit?


UPDATE: – Source retracted ! – We jumped the gun. Unofficial as of 10:05 EST –  

It was reported that the deal had been completed, however that source has now retracted and it is unsure as to if the Lions have indeed closed the deal with Reggie Bush. We will update as soon as more information becomes available. 

Update: 10:13 am EST –

Reggie Bush just left in white limo for a physical. We’ll keep you posted. It is expected that the deal will be announced once physical is complete.

Update 1:19pm EST – 

The Detroit Lions have announced a 1:45 ET press conference. 


The Detroit Lions have delivered. Reggie Bush is a Detroit Lion – Signed to a reported 4 year deal. Terms of the deal are forthcoming. Fans around Detroit waited on bated breath as the open of free agency came and went – with only a few moves by the Detroit Lions, most of which were expected. While other teams moved in on some of the bigger named free agents on the Lions Roster (Cherilus, Avril, *Delmas (*reportedly), all was quiet on the Lions front.

This morning however, began with the news that a three year deal is expected to come down for Lions DB Chris Houston (*Signed this morning, 5 years 25 mil) and that limos were rolling into the Lions facility – first out of the pack, team leader Matthew Stafford, next up, Miami running back Reggie Bush.

While the twitterverse erupted with everything from calls of white smoke pouring from the Lions facility signaling the second coming of Barry Sanders, to pleads for the Lions not to screw this up, Lions management were no doubt watching a little Glengarry Glen Ross, preparing to make the hard sell to Bush and Safety Glover Quin.

Bush brings to the Lions the burst of speed that they were hoping to get from Jahvid Best. Bush may not have the olympic top speed that Jahvid brought to the table, but he does bring experience and a proven ability to be a consistent 1000 yard rusher, something the Lions have lacked since the departure of Barry Sanders. The Lions glimpsed 1000 yards with Kevin Jones and Kevin Smith, but they were merely flashes in the pan.

With a bolstered and restructured offensive line, a dynamic running back duo and a healthy receiving core, Matthew Stafford has every opportunity to show the fans of Detroit exactly why he deserves the paycheck he collects every week.

Here is a little of what the Lions can expect to see every week in 2013. It’s okay, you can get excited now.



  1. Good deal at least our running game should be much better since Barry Sanders abruptly retired we have’nt had a single 1,000 yard Rusher since.

  2. this is bullshit,they should have waited to see if ed reed is gona be relesed,and spent the money ware we realy need it!!

  3. Bush just left the facility for a physical – expected the official announcement will be made after physical

  4. As much as I want the Lions to sign Bush, now I’m kind of hoping they don’t…just so this BS post is exposed for what it is. Too bad. Pretty good reputation up to this morning.

  5. I love that people say that those of us who aren’t drinking the kool-aid from the Lions are “haters.” I have been a Lions fan even through the really bad stuff. I just don’t think Bush will be the piece to the puzzle that is needed. A more solid O-Line (Jake Long is out there) and secondary help is what the Lions really need. Bush, if he were smart, would have gone to a team that needed someone to push them over the edge to a Superbowl.

  6. good we definitely needed a good halfback! we need some more wide receivers to take the pressure off Johnson

  7. Just clicked on the dsn link to the full story and now it says ‘source retracted’ Dont blow your credibility by reporting something until it’s offical. Until it’s offical it’s just rumor and rumors can’t be “breaking news”

  8. We ran with a poor report by Adam Schefter, he pulled his report and now we are waiting. Nothing has been officially announced. The article has been updated. Contract has been offered and he is at physical, I apologize for jumping the gun. ~JB

  9. hope reggie brings us some of his usc magic. i remember when almost everyone thought he was the no. 1 overall draft pick. he could be just what the doctor ordered for the lions offense. hope you’re right robert

  10. This means we will be looking for another running back by game 8. I hope I am wrong, but history says…anyway, GO LIONS!

  11. It’s a 4 year deal. Probably should get the facts right if you are going to report something. Just saying. 4 years, 16 Mill, 4 Mill guaranteed.

  12. Welcome to the party Shane. The whole article was wrong at the time, can’t edit a Facebook post – but thanks.

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