BREAKING (sorta): Detroit Pistons’ forward Blake Griffin retires (kinda)

In a decision that has rocked the world, Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin has announced his retirement.

Don’t worry Pistons’ fans, Griffin is not retiring from basketball, he is retiring from the world of comedy!

“I’d like to formally announce my retirement…from the world of comedy,” Griffin said. “Ultimately, I really wanted to spend more time focusing on what was important to me — the career I really should be paying attention to — my music.

“To clarify, I will continue to play basketball, otherwise the basketball people will stop paying me. No more questions.”

Check out the full video to see exactly why Blake Griffin is one of the funniest athletes in the world!


Detroit Lions game-by-game predictions for the remainder of season

Well, our Detroit Lions are doing it to us again! After beating the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday, the Lions are now 2-3 and in striking distance in the NFC North. In fact, there are just four teams in the entire NFC that have more wins than Detroit. (Yes, we know there are 10 teams actually ahead of the Lions in the NFC standings)

Anyways, as fans, we now have a little bit of hope. The Lions have proven they can beat solid teams and if they can just get their crap together, they could make a run at the NFL Playoffs. The question is, will they get their crap together or will they break our hearts yet again?

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Let’s take a look at my game-by-game predictions for the remainder of the season.


(W) WEEK 7 – @ Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins may be 3-2, but they are not a good football team. Even though this game is on the road, the Lions will be well-rested and will find a way to win to move to 3-3 on the season.

Lions 26 Dolphins 23

To read the rest of the predictions, please click on the link below.

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