BREAKING: Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim hits, kills man while driving

According to reports Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim has hit and killed a man while driving on I-690.

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Jorge Jimenez, 51, had been in a car with four others near Thompson Road in Syracuse when their vehicle crashed into a guardrail for unknown reasons, authorities said.

“The occupants then exited the vehicle and proceeded to walk on the highway within close proximity to that vehicle,” Syracuse police said in a 9:51 a.m. news release. “An oncoming vehicle noticed the disabled car and tried avoiding the vehicle, which was in the middle of the road.”

The driver of the second vehicle, Boeheim, 74, of Fayetteville, struck Jimenez as he stood on the side of the road, police said.

“Field sobriety and alco-sensor tests for both drivers were negative for any signs of impairment,” police said. “Reconstruction of the scene will be performed and speeds cannot be determined at this time.

“No Uniformed Traffic Tickets have been issued at this time.”

Boeheim’s blood-alcohol registered a .00, Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick confirmed

Friends and family tell | The Post-Standard that Boeheim does not drink alcohol.

Boeheim says he will issue a statement shortly.

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