Brett Favre suggests Lions move on from Matthew Stafford after praising Darrell Bevell

Detroit Lions interim head coach Darrell Bevell earned his first victory on Sunday since the firing of former coach Matt Patricia, and even earned the game-ball from quarterback Matthew Stafford.

However, according to legendary Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, it may be best for the Lions to have someone else under center next season.

While speaking during an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Favre suggested that it may be time for the Lions to consider other options when it comes to the quarterback position, as the Stafford era seems to have run its course.

“Matthew has done wonderful things for Detroit except get to the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl,” Favre said. “Is that enough to pay him whatever they pay and just go status quo? I’m not saying it’s his fault, but why not offload this big price tag and start over because it’s sort of what you’re doing year in and year out any way? Again, I’m not blaming him, but from a business standpoint, that seems to be the better route to take, by investing in a young guy and starting over.”

With no division or playoff wins during the Stafford era, Favre isn’t alone in his suggestion that the Lions look to the future of the quarterback position with someone else other than No. 9 carrying the reigns.

You can certainly count Favre as a fan of Bevell, however. The two have remained close friends since meeting in 1995, which was soon followed by Bevell serving as Green Bay Packers quarterback coach as well as Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator during Favre’s tenure with both franchises.

“I think he’s a very brilliant, offensive-minded coach,” Favre said. “Very low key. Not a big rah-rah guy, kind of tells you what he’s thinking, and easy to get along with.”

While Favre is sorry to see how things ended with Patricia, he’s excited for the opportunity ahead of Bevell as he makes his case to Lions management to become full-time head coach.

“I think he deserved a shot long before this shot,” Favre continued. “And I know Darrell, he really liked Matt Patricia and thought a lot of him because we had numerous conversations and in no way, shape or form, is he proud of the fact that this is how he got his chance. But you got to make the most of the opportunity and I’m happy for him. I hate it for Matt, but Darrell is very capable. I think, again, he’s deserved a shot long before, in my opinion.”

During his career, Favre earned 11 Pro-Bowl selections, and led teams to eight division championships, five NFC Championship Games, and two Super Bowl appearances.

– – Quotes via Justin Rogers of The Detroit News Link – –

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  1. Why is everyone so eager to see Matthew Stafford out of Detroit?..he is the best QB they have had since The 1950s..Yeah they have not won the Super Bowl yet..fix the defense,keep the special team coach,and add speed to both defense and offense and see what happens.if you get a young QB in the draft let him.learn from Matt.

  2. I am a Lions fan and could care a less what Farve thinks. His opinion means nothing to me. Its funny how Rodgers has a lot of respect for Stafford. None of what has happened is Staffords fault. Stafford missed half the season with a back injury and is playing with a messed up thumb the past few games. And may not be playing at his best… he is still a top level QB. Hasn’t had a running game to take the pressure off him. Through the years has had a terrible O line… they are finally looking better but it has taken YEARS. Farve was a great QB while in GB because they built a team around him. Detroit failed Stafford… not the other way around. And now he is stuck with one of the worst defenses I have ever seen. An offense should not be expected to score over 30 points a game… especially when that offense has little to no running game and are playing against teams with good defenses.

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