Browns RB Kareem Hunt claps back at Steelers WR Chase Claypool and it is awesome [Photo]

Following Sunday’s beat down at the hands of the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers WR Chase Claypool decided to be a moron and troll the Browns saying they will lose this coming weekend against the Chiefs. (More on that below)

Well, Browns running back Kareem Hunt has clapped back at Claypool, as you can see in the photos below.

Nicely done, Kareem!

Chase Claypool’s Troll Job (In case you missed it)

Prior to Sunday’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns, it was the Steelers throwing shade at the Browns as if they were going to win the game easily.

But, it was the Browns who opened up a can of whoop ass, easily disposing of a Steelers team that looked like they did not want to be on the field.

Now, you would think the Steelers’ players would learn to shut their mouths, especially after an embarrassing beat down, but as you are about to see, that was not the case.

Following the game, Steelers’ wide receiver Chase Claypool, instead of congratulating the Browns on playing a great game, instead tossed some shade by saying they will lose next week to the Chiefs.

Be better, Chase.